We have been tracking new products announced at CES 2016 very keenly. In that regards, we have already listed some of the fascinating accessories and products that have been announced at the show. In this post, we have another lineup of Kanex products being unveiled at CES 2016.

Kanex is one of the most renowned names when it comes to accessories for Apple products. At CES 2016, Kanex has introduced USB-C battery for Retina MacBooks, and Apple Watch battery charger. Both these products are superb in quality and performance. We have given a detailed description on both of them below.

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Kanex Power Banks for MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

GoPower Battery pack for new MacBook

GoPower is a power packed battery made for the new MacBook with a capacity of 15,000mAh. With that capacity, it can almost charge your MacBook three times. The output capacity for USB-C is at 3-Amp while it also supports traditional USB port to charge your iPhone and iPad as well. The charging speed for USB port is 2.4A which is still more than other power banks available in market. The sale prices and launch date are yet to be announced and thus, we are not mentioning it here. It’s definitely a product to have your eyes on.

Apple Watch Battery charger

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Belkin introduced a charging dock for Apple Watch, while Griffin following it with a keychain shaped charger for the Apple Watch. Kanex is not too far in this race, as the company has introduced charger for Apple Watch. This Apple Watch charger from Kanex delivers more than the other two. It is yet a prototype model and there are possibilities of some more perks.

At present, the charger boasts a 4000mAh battery that can last almost 10 days by charging your Apple Watch. Unlike Belkin and Griffin, Kanex has a USB port that can be used to charge your iPhone or iPad as well. Same like GoPower Battery pack, there is no official announcement on prices and launch date. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates on both the products.

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