Cell & Cell Structure iPad App Review: All About Interactive Cell Structure Learning

If you discount the fact that the app was updated last year, Cell & Cell Structure comes across as one of the best educative iPad apps out there. It’s nowhere close to being an encyclopedic reference manual but for students undergoing STEM, it’s a handy book/app which I think is a must-have.

Learning about cell and cell structures has always been awesome. As a school kid, what was more interesting was being taken to the lab and shown some real cells under the microscope. Back then, books were the primary sources and there wasn’t anything really interactive.

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Cell & Cell Structure iPad App Review: All About Interactive Cell Structure Learning

Things have vastly changed today and we’re looking at a lot of houses using the iPad (or any other gadget and computers) to educate the kids. As knowledge and value-enhancement, iPad has come a long way. And it is with the help of the apps like Cell & Cell Structure.

Features of Cell & Cell Structure iPad App

The key component of the app isn’t just imparting knowledge. While there’s plenty of deep information contained within the app, it’s the interactive lessons, quizzes, videos and flash cards that make the app a wholesome experience.

You’re not just learning because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy obviously. Besides the fact that the graphics are wonderful in the app, you’ve got a ton of videos to refer to, a lot of activity-based features which help your kid learn and retain the knowledge of cells, structures, types, life cycles, functions, etc.

As such the app has:

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  • Loads of fundamental information on cells.
  • A lot of interactive activities that test your knowledge and memory.
  • Videos to aid in a better, realistic understanding of cell structures.

What struck me as really impressive was the interface besides, of course, the content.

Content-wise, it is a magical interplay of both specific information as well as a generic presentation that makes it easy to digest what you learn.

This, I think, is a very important part of an education app that aims to be captivating.

On the interface, the app has been crafted well.

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There are no gimmicks and it all flows smoothly. Information is always presented in digestible chunks which makes learning all the more easier.

The app is available for $2.99 on the App Store. It runs on iPad only.


That’s it, guys!

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