We covered Ryan's FlipControlCenter – a Control Center customization tweak which lets you add more toggles. That was a good tweak with optimal customization options: enable or disable toggles and control how many toggles are visible in a page.

But here's something that goes beyond that one. CCControls is probably the most powerful Control Center tweak so far as toggles are concerned. There's a lot of stuff you can customize with CCControls. The fact that it's free and works flawlessly on the iPhones makes it a damn good tweak to install right away.

CCControls Cydia Tweak

iOS 7 Control Center Customization Cydia Tweak

As we all know, Control Center on iOS 7 is one of the coolest additions to the iOS ecosystem. It's not without limitations though – features that Apple either doesn't venture out to add for various reasons. But with jailbreak community working its way up based on the existing layers, it's only a matter of time before these limitations are broken.

Customize iOS 7 Control Center

One of the limitations is the toggles you have on the Control Center. Tweaks like SBSettings and NCSettings let you have a lot of settings toggles on the Notification Center. Apple kind of copied these tweaks into its Control Center. With limitations, of course.

CCControls brings a whole set of customization tools to let you tweak the toggles, their appearance and the way it works.

Customize iOS 7 Control Center with CCControls Cydia Tweak

Here's Some of the Features of CCControls Cydia Tweak:

  • Flipswitch integration: brings you almost all the settings toggles you'll ever need right from 3G, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, DND, Flashlight, Hotspot, Location, Respring and more.
  • Themes: CCControls comes packed with a variety of button themes. Screenshots here show the beautiful icons.
  • Lock Screen Restrictions: you can have the Control Center pop open on the lockscreen but prevent certain toggles like Settings, Wi-fi, Bluetooth etc. from being accessed/enabled/disabled.

The tweak has been completely thought out by the looks of it. If it takes wings, more developers/designers should be adding custom icon themes for the tweak.

CCControls is free on the ModMyi repo.

Compatibility: iPhones and iPod Touch. (No iPads or A7-devices support yet).

  • THE_Sorcerer

    CCControls is the reason why i’m here … it NO LONGER WORK WITH IOS 8
    you can install it, you can see the options, but any option who supposed to change something like 3G/4G/wifi on/off, plane mode, even really simple stuff like mute on/off, WILL REBOOT YOUR DEVICE in safe mode (so you need to reboot it again in normal mode)

    also, iGeeksBlong say is not … “YET”, this is the case from VERY LONG TIME (he’s post is already one year old), I don’t think they gonna fix it … anytime soon

    really too bad for this really good and useful thing :(

  • Kuloglu

    cccontrols doesn’t work on my iPhone 5S. there is an error.. “There was an error loading the preference bundle for CCCpntrols”…

    • CCControls is not yet compatible with iPhone 5s (A7 devices).