We got to review Catalyst’s EscapeCapsule case for the iPhone and post-tests, we’re quite impressed with the case for its usability, ease-of-use and an excellent design.

The Catalyst waterproof iPhone case is one of the finest waterproof cases you can get for your iPhone. Designed to hold your iPhone safe and sound under 2 meters of water, this is one of the perfect accessories to carry around when you hit the beach or the pool on a hot summer weekend.

EscapeCapsule  WaterProof Case for iPhone 4 4S


Catalyst EscapeCapsule WaterProof Case for iPhone 4Catalyst EscapeCapsule WaterProof Case for iPhone 4 Review

The Catalyst iPhone water proof case is about pretty much the same as most other water proof cases out in the market. High-grade plastic, silicone rubber panels to prevent water and produce a cushion for iPhone, Most importantly, it’s light-weight which is quite necessary for any waterproof case these days.

Fitting the iPhone

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to fit the iPhone into the case. When we reviewed Case Marine for iPhone, we did have some reservations as it was hard to fit on the iPhone. Catalyst is a perfect case in this regard with its ease-of-use.

The case has been designed to snap on perfectly. And most importantly, taking out the iPhone is easy too.

Protection, Bulk and Usability

There are two things that stand out:

  1. The usability with the case on is exceptional. The buttons are pretty easy to access unlike many other water-proof cases that we’ve used here. The touchscreen response is a charm: even though it looks plastic-y, we were surprised by how it works. There was a bit of lapse when we first tried it (you can see that on the video) but it works pretty fine under water.
  2. This is probably one of those rare water-proof cases which can safely let you plug-in your earphones. Swimming with music? Yes, you can do that with this one.

The case does feel a little bulky although it doesn’t add a lot of weight. It certainly isn’t as bulky as the Armor series from Otterbox. It’s probably closer home to LifeProofin terms of bulk vs. weight ratio.

It can get a little tricky to access the edges of your iPhone’s display with the case on. For instance, it takes a little time to get used to swiping down the Notification Center.


Catalyst iPhone water-proof case costs $69.99. For a case that’s completely usable under-water, I think that’s a decent price to pay.

Check out Video Walk-through of EscapeCapsule Waterproof Case

Buy it from CatalystLifeStyle.com or for iPhone 5/5s for $49.99.