Casetify’s Range – Clear Cases for iPhone Xs Max and XR

Casetify iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR Clear Cases

Transparency has multiple connotations. It has honesty, clarity, simplicity, lucidness, precision and more. But Casetify has added a new dimension or meaning to the transparency: Jealousy. On the face of it, this new meaning seems farfetched, but when I got some transparent cases from this brand, I understood that hidden meaning. Still not convinced? Here is my take on Casetify’s cases for iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, and iPhone XR.

Geometric Lines

Casetify Geometric lines iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Clear Cases

A military-grade case has to be bulky in profile. This is a popular belief. Casetify doesn’t believe in this and it has shattered this myth by manufacturing world’s slimmest military grade iPhone case. By using its trademarked two-layer qitech material, Casetify has made a real sturdy case that adds durability to your iPhone.

The qitech material tightly hugs your iPhone and ensures better safety of your device when you accidentally drop it. This case can endure a drop from the height of 6.6 feet. The case supports wireless charging so that you can just place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad and stay relaxed.

USP: Two-layer qitech material
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iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xs | iPhone XR

Nude Designs

Casetify Nude Designs iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Clear Cases

Nudity is not always condemnable. This clear iPhone case extols the nudity as it reveals the real beauty of your iPhone. This simple yet elegant design will impress people, who believe in minimalist products. Showcase your iPhone’s authentic design and colors to the world by using a transparent case.

For the protection of your iPhone, Casetify has used the qitech material, which provides 2x military-grade protection to your iPhone. Unlike other cases, Casetify has successfully crafted a slim protective case, which can beat any other thin case in the world.

USP: Purely transparent
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iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xs | iPhone XR


Casetify Confetti iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Clear Cases

The design may remind you of your wedding ceremony, where you and your spouse were showered with colorful rolls of confetti. Taking inspiration from real-life beautiful and memorable moments, designers of Casetify have crafted a brilliant case for iPhones. You will be impressed by multiple pieces thrown carelessly on the case, which creates kaleidoscopic patterns on your eyes.

But is it all beauty and no bold? Not at all! This case is built robustly to protect your iPhone from scratches, drops, and shocks. iPhones are mostly damaged by drops and scratches. Casetify has taken enough care to strengthen the case with qitech material that endures drops from the height of 6.6 feet. The material snugly fits on your iPhone and safeguards your device from all corners and sides.

USP: Kaleidoscopic pattern
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iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xs | iPhone XR

Spring Botanical

Casetify Spring Botanicals iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Clear Cases

Love plants and nature? Then show your love on your iPhone case also. Casetify recreates a botanical garden on the protective cases for your iPhone. The case is available in three colors: baby pink, black, and frost. However, on every three colors, Casetify adds its signature design of spring botanical.

Express your natural and creative side by using this case, which flaunts floral extravaganza. The case supports wireless charging so you can power up your device without removing the case. Keep the case installed on your iPhone and dazzle those jealous eyes in your office and neighborhood.

USP: Floral extravaganza
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iPhone Xs Max | iPhone Xs | iPhone XR

Summing up…

Transparency is the one common trait of all Casetify cases. You can see that all cases from this brand display the original color and design of your iPhone. Keeping clarity as the base, Casetify has worked excellently to manufacture high-quality cases for latest iPhones. Whether you own iPhone Xs, Xs Max, or iPhone XR, you can explore each Casetify series and buy the best case for your device.

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