Casemade 10.5-inch iPad Pro Leather Case

Casemade 10.5-inch iPad Pro Leather Case

Genuine leather cases belong to the elite list. They are generally more expensive and specifically designed for premium choice. My collection of cases for iPad is never complete until it has a quality leather suit. I have a big liking for the ones that are beautifully crafted and meet viewing and typing needs impeccably. Durability is yet another important aspect that I don’t fail to check out in a leather cover.

It’s been about a week since I paired Casemade leather case with my 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The folio case has provided me everything to keep my tablet safe, carry it more comfortably and have better hands-free experience. Moreover, the decent profile has got along nicely with the iPad. So, is it the perfect folio case for iPad Pro 2017?

1. Classic Book Design

The leather case sports a vintage book design. Rich craftsmanship topped by neat stitching enhances its appearance. The precise openings for camera, buttons, and ports ensure you have unhindered access to all the functions of your iPad.

Casemade Folio Case for iPad Pro10.5-inch

The beauty of this case lies in its aesthetic design. The low-profile design may not look dazzling or eye-catching, but it does make an adorable match with the tablet thanks to the superior quality and top-of-the-line workmanship. The ones who prefer the class to loud design would find this case pretty special.

2. Crafted Out of Italian Cowhide Leather

Carved out of genuine Italian cowhide leather, this folio leather case for iPad Pro from Casemade has a durable build-up. Courtesy of the high-grade leather, the case is able to retain its visual charm for long. The surface has a nice feel and offers improved grip to let you hold your tablet with the needed comfort.

As for protection from drops, this folio case is strong enough to safeguard your tablet even against nasty impact. It’s the top notch material and impressive build-up that empower the construction to endure accidental falls and keep scratch away from harming the elegance of your device.

3. Soft-touch Polycarbonate

The soft-touch polycarbonate interior provides the essential care to your iPad. It not just absorbs shock but also reinforces the entire structure. Besides, it helps the tablet fit snuggly.

4. Better Media Viewing and Typing Angle

The stand feature allows you to use your device in two comfortable horizontal positions. Whether you want to watch media or type email more conveniently, the built-in stand admirably lives up to the task. It’s one of the main qualities that I make sure to check in a folio case.

When you double up the case, it remains stable allowing you to have better viewing and typing angle. Since there is no slip-up or skidding, it offers consistent performance.

5. Auto Sleep/Wake Functionality

The other important feature of this folio case for iPad Pro is the auto sleep/wake functionality. It means, when you close the case, it automatically turns off the screen of your device. And when you open the lid, it wakes the screen. The obvious advantage of this useful feature is that it prevents unnecessary battery usage.

The Pros:

  • Genuine Italian cowhide leather
  • Soft-touch polycarbonate mold
  • Rich craftsmanship
  • Stand feature
  • Supports Auto-sleep wake function


  • Bit expensive

Casemade folio case ticks off all the important boxes. It’s specifically primed for the folks who want a more professional looking and richly crafted case. There are a couple of main qualities like superior material and appreciable workmanship that make this leather case a sublime pick for the iPad Pro.

The lightweight design and enhanced grip provide the required convenience to let you carry your device with the peace of mind. As far as durability and protection against accidental falls as well as scratch are concerned, the leather structure bolstered by the soft-touch polycarbonate mold is able to live up to the mark.

The price ($64.90) is a bit on the higher side. However, if you are willing to cope up with it in favor of a top quality leather case, you will have a trustworthy and a premium match for your iPad Pro.

Buy it from Casemade

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