If there’s an iPhone waterproof case that’s not bulky, not cumbersome and perfect – if such a state exists – Case Marine would probably be the only case that fits the bill. We tested out a Case Marine iPhone 5 waterproof case here at iGeeksBlog and the results are impressive.

At first glance, one of the first thoughts is: will this thing really be waterproof? The waterproof cover for the iPhone appears flimsy but is enormously flexible and tight on the iPhone.

The Build / Parts

The Case Marine iPhone case comes with three distinct parts:

  • A flexible, transparent/translucent silicone bumper case
  • A waterproof cover for the iPhone
  • Stickers that seal the iPhone into the waterproof cover.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

You just have to insert the iPhone into the waterproof cover. Since the cover is very flexible and elastic, what looks like a small pouch actually ends up fitting tightly over the iPhone.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Front View

Once this is over, you peel one of the ten stickers that come along with the case and stick it over the back of the iPhone. That’s it. The iPhone is sealed shut now. You can now peel off the screen cover so the touch works good. You can use the buttons, and the touch works perfectly but no water can get in.

You can now place the iPhone in the bumper case.

On Usability

Waterproof cases usually mar the experience. It’s after all waterproof so the plastic cases usually change the way you use your iPhone. With the Case Marine, this doesn’t happen. Since the case is actually just light-weight, paper-thin plastic that’s waterproof, you don’t feel much different when you use the iPhone.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Rear View

The bumper case provides all the effective protection. By separating the case and the waterproof skin, Case Marine has actually made the whole thing better.

Charging, Stickers etc.

There’s one downside: you cannot charge with the waterproof case on. This is because – obviously – the waterproof skin covers the port. Oh yes that means you cannot connect your earphones too but I haven’t heard of people wanting to listen to ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ underwater.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Bottom and Side View

So after one run underwater, you’ll need to remove the sticker and take the iPhone out to charge it. There are ten stickers in the pack and you can get another ten for £2 from Case Marine.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone-5 Case Bottom View

Overall, if you asked us for a waterproof case, I think we’d recommend Case Marine without skipping a beat. It’s one of the best in town especially if you’re looking for one that isn’t bulky.

Video: How To Apply Case Marine Waterproof case

Video:Case Marine Waterproof case: Underwater Testing

Price: £24.99
Check out Case Marine here.

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