Carved Satellite Series Wooden Case for iPhone 6s/6s Plus: Appreciate Elegant Art of Making Wood Cases

Inspired by Mother Earth, Carved presents a Satellite Series of wood cases for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. Appreciate the elegant art in making the wood cases for your iPhone.

The lofty ideas sometimes take you to the sublime position. Let your imagination fly high, let your aspirations touch the zenith of your inner strength and test your perseverance to the full. What comes out is Perfection that is unbeatable.

Carved has once again successfully combined imagination, strength, and perseverance to craft a superb wooden case for iPhone6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. Unlike Live Edge wooden cases, these cases are not made of 100% wood; rather, they are bumper cases loaded with real wood, polycarbonate and rubber.

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But there is something similar to Live Edge wood cases. This time too, Carved has derived its inspiration from nature. The brand visualizes Earth from the angle of a satellite – how Earth would look if it is seen from satellite? This has inspired designers at Carved to make earthy patterns on each wooden case in Satellite Series.

Inner Beauty of Woods

Carved iPhone 6s-6s Plus Wooden BumperiPhone 6-6s Plus Wooden Case from CarvedCarved Wooden Cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Satellite series from Carved reveals the inner beauty of woods; this makes a utilitarian piece into an elegant work of art. To extract the minimum from the plants & trees, Carved take the burls, the knots, and the discarded pieces and turn them into something unbelievable. Wood cases in the Satellite Series give you a peek into the inner design of the trees around us. If you look at the cases from a distant, you will notice that you are watching them from space.

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Unique Cases

Before somebody else grabs your choice of case, you should quickly snatch the case. Like Live Edge, Satellite Series too boasts one of a kind wood case for your iPhones. And therefore, you won’t get two similar-looking cases with the same colors and designs. Carved team mix and spin colors to match innumerable grain patterns and colors in each piece. Choose a piece that matches you!

Carved has brought the magic in three different designs of the wood case: Traveller Case, Clear Slim Case, and Matte Black Slim Case. If you are religiously in love with wooden iPhone accessories and don’t want something as solid as a full case, Satellite Series of cases would certainly entice you to buy one.

Price: $49
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