iPhone 6/6s Live Edge Wooden Cases from Carved

Carved brings Live Edge wooden cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The cases are made of 100% wood and the best selling point for Live Edge.
Carved Live Edge Wooden Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

William Wordsworth, a romantic British poet, once said: Let Nature Be Your Teacher. Little did he know that this poetic expression would be followed by people from the gizmo world, which hardly derives any inspiration from nature. But there are some maniacs, who pine for perfection and look up to natural phenomena to create masterpieces.

When John, en e-commerce expert, was pondering over an idea of making a wood case for his own iPhone, he discussed this with Grant, who has a knack for manufacturing products. And then both, inspired by nature of course, created the first magnum opus, which was launched on December 9, 2011. The idea was christened as Carved.

Then there was no looking back. One after another, the team of Carved introduced brilliant wood cases under the series – Live Edge.

Carved Live Edge Wooden Cases for iPhone 6/6s

We have already covered best iPhone 6/6s wooden cases, but this one is truly amazing. It is Sourced from mother earth and made in shop, Carved today creates Live Edge wood cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. These wood cases are One-of-a-kind handmade pieces, which reflect artistic genius of the founders.

100% Wood

Live Edge Wood Case for iPhone 6-6s

When Mother Nature is the inspiration behind any creation, it has to be excellent in all manners. Every Live Edge wood case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is made from real wood; the brand immediately brushes off fake printed wood grain. The idea of creating wood case is to display the raw beauty of wood. Every case gives ample space to the beauty of grain patterns that you never knew even existed. Every user would wonder how Live Edge could turn raw wood logs into beautiful iPhone cases. Live Edge selects reclaimed wood and fallen trees to manufacture iPhone 6/6s wood cases.

Truly Unique

If you lose your heart to one of the Live Edge wood cases from the gallery of amazingly crafted pieces for your iPhone 6/6s, you should immediately place an order for that. Because you won’t find another same case for you. The reason is simple – Live Edge creates a case that is one of a kind. Live Edge manufacturing process is meticulous; the team take extra effort to spray the unique finish on all products. By doing so, each wood case stands out of the pack as they display natural wood feel and provide protection to your iPhone.

Carved Wood Case for iPhone 6-6s

Live Edge believes that the more you work on finishing process, the longer the life of wood cases. On every wood case, you will find a natural feel and the credit goes to the two coats of finish and sand. On top of this, Live Edge fills every exposed part of the wood with resin; this imparts an extraordinary feel and finish on the case.

Carved Wood Case for iPhone 6, 6s

Carved Live Edge Wood Case for iPhone 6-6s

Since the wood cases are made of 100% wood, you are supposed to take extra care of the case. If you are a butterfingers, you should keep the case at home before you go out for an adventure. Moreover, wood naturally reacts to drastic environmental conditions and changes; so keep it safe during changes in temperature and humidity.

Some salient features of Live Edge iPhone 6/6s wooden cases

  • Made of old or reclaimed lumber & fallen trees
  • One of a kind grain pattern
  • Resin filled for added stability
  • Suede lined interior
  • Natural wood finish

Compatibility: iPhone 6/6s
Price Range: $129-189
Buy it from Carved.com

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