Carrying Your iPhone 5/5s In Style, Safely with These Accessories

Months after its release, the iPhone 5 has got plenty of accessories to choose from. Cases, as usual, rank the top because people are smart and concerned about their precious smartphone. The iPhone 5 has opened up the floodgates of the case-making industry with a variety of options.

If you are carrying your iPhone 5 around, it becomes imperative that you must make sure it’s safe. Chances are you might stash it in your pocket containing keys, or a splash of water might hit the iPhone 5. Or perhaps, you don’t intend to put your iPhone 5 in the pocket at all because it’s too tall for them. A variety of cases come in handy to cater to these scenarios.

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Best iPhone 5/5s Accessories

Here’s a look at the most essential type of iPhone 5 cases that you’d probably need:

Multipurpose Cases

Multipurpose iPhone 5 cases are not quite the best-selling cases in town, but they’re very versatile and ultra-functional. Amongst the most notable uses, you’ll find that the multipurpose cases double up as a cord-wrap, amount, a wallet, etc.

Have a look at multipurpose iPhone 5 Cases.

For Durability & Protection

Durability and protection come with almost all good cases, but a few of them do it much more seriously. Take, for instance, the case from Otterbox Defender series. Otterbox is a well-known brand when it comes to high-durability cases. The Defender series sure adds a lot of bulk to the iPhone 5, but it’s the ultimate choice when it comes to protecting your iPhone 5.

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Cases from Griffin offer such protection too, but in the end, I think Otterbox takes the cake for nailing durability, strength and slim profile.

You may wish to refer Otterbox Series iPhone 5 cases

Belt Clip Cases

Belt-clip is occasionally considered old-school, but with a tall iPhone 5 that wouldn’t easily fit into the pocket, belt-clip cases could become the rage again. Right off the top of my mind, the Mohawk and Lateral cases stand out as finely-crafted belt-clip cases for the iPhone 5. There are of course many other options too like the Griffin Survivor which adds penultimate protection along with the belt-clip feature.

Here are best iPhone 5 belt clip cases

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Style & Functionality

It’s that festive time of the year again, and if you’re looking to make everyone know that you’re in the Christmas spirit already, some amazing Christmas iPhone 5 cases are out in the market already. They can be stylish and yet functional. You have the option of gifting these case for Christmas too – which kind of makes it easy to decide on Christmas gifts!

There’s also the Grove Bamboo iPhone 5 cases which are naturally stylish.

When it comes to style, a noteworthy case that takes the cake for being both stylish and versatile is the BookBook from TwelveSouth.

Bonus Accessory: Car Charger

Interestingly, when you are carrying your iPhone 5 around a lot – say, on tours in cars – you would probably find that a car charger is very useful.

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You could use the Lightning to dock adapter that came along with your iPhone 5, or you could go for the latest Belkin Lightning Car Charger (which, at 2.1 A, provides faster charging). Griffin is working on Lightning accessories too, and I think we’d get to see an iPhone 5 car charger from these guys too, pretty soon.

Let us know about your favorite picks!

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