Agreeably, we're late on the bandwagon but truth be told, we take our time to review things. Especially when it comes to something doing with a theme or a design.

Carla is a wonderful Winterboard theme for the iPhone and the iPad. It doesn't have the quirky feeling of doing something spectacular but subtlety is its flavor. For this very reason, I'm not going to compare it to themes like Ayecon by Surenix. That's a different story altogether.

We've all used the iPhone for a long time and gotten used to the usual Apple-esque design elements. The rounded rectangles, the default blue of the iOS, the lockscreen, the status bar with its set of icons… it's and endless list.

Carla Winterboard Theme for iPhone and iPad

Carla changes all that as a full-pack theme. It will change your status bar, it will change your lockscreen, the icons on homescreen and dash, and for a good measure, it leaves no particular trace of the underlying default theme. I was, I must admit, skeptical of the theme at first, but tinkering with it through Winterboard has given me some lush insights about how well the theme has been built.

Here are a few screenshots showing how the theme looks:

Carla Cydia Theme for iPhone and iPadCarla iOS Theme for iPhone and iPad

Focusing on LS Themes

Carla for iOS has multiple versions depending on what device you're using (non-retina: Carla for SD; retina: Carla for iOS; iPad: Carla for iPad etc.). One of the first things you'll notice is that the theme offers a plethora of lockscreen versions. There's a strong chance that you'll get overwhelmed with options here (I sure did, and it took me sometime to test each one of them; resprings, you know).

One interesting thing that you'll probably appreciate is that the theme offers the minimalist lockscreen which reduces the height of the statusbar and the lockscreen slider. This paves way for a larger wallpaper display: something that's actually nice to have.

Custom Icons, Fantastic Support for a Ton of Cydia Tweaks

Got another tweak installed and want to know if Carla will support it? I'll bet that it does. That's one thing I particularly like about the theme. Sure a lot of paid themes offer this support (and it has come to a point where one expects that) but from a developers' point of view, creating a theme that fits all sizes so to speak is a tough job.

Play Around with the Lockscreen, UI and More

You'll have to play around with the lockscreen. You might need a tweak like Lockscreen Clock Hide for one of the Carla Lockscreen themes. As to the UI, it's pretty default to look at; nothing heavily fancy but all the rounded edges are gone and a subtly flat (Instagram-like) buttons replace the whole place.

The theme is polished to a good level. You'll like it.

Carla Theme for iOS is available on Cydia for $1.99.