Apple, Google, Microsoft & Medicaid Agencies Team for CARIN Blue Button® Health App 

CARIN Blue Button® App to help access to medical records of 44mln Americans as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Health Insurers & Hospitals join hands. Yearend test launch for CARIN Blue Button® draft implementation guide.

Americans will be happy as it will be easy to access medical health records; thanks to Apple, Google, and Microsoft joining hands with health insurance companies and hospitals among others, to set up the CARIN Blue Button® App. This is a bipartisan, multi-sector collaborative working to advance the consumer-directed exchange of health information which includes these tech majors as members – CARIN Alliance released this information.

Americans Face Difficulty While Accessing Medical Records Flipping Over Documents & Websites

Today, Americans need to flip through a gamut of documents or websites to gain access to their medical records such as prescriptions, various tests reports, and other health parameters. To access them across domains and platforms is vital for monitoring their health, and to their carers as well as standards development organizations, health plans, state Medicaid agencies, and third-party applications.

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Apple, Google, and Microsoft, as well as Insurance companies and hospitals, have independent digital protocols and platforms for maintaining patient health records and histories.

Maintenence of medical health records became a challenge due to the duplicity of information or its lack. It got further hampered due to poor Data standardization among a plethora of platforms and floating data points, to pass on correct information to all concerned stakeholders.

Carin Blue Button Health App will Empower Millions of Americans to Easily Fetch Medical Records

Accessing medical health history records for about 44 million Americans will soon become easy through CARIN Blue Button® App developed with joint efforts by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and few insurance companies and hospitals.

As per Carin website: “This functionality has empowered millions of Medicare beneficiaries to more easily access their health information and provides them an opportunity to work with their physician to make better care decisions for themselves and their family.”

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After Test by End 2019, Carin Blue Button Health App will Launch in 2020

It adds: “We are also pleased to announce today the following organizations will participate in real-world testing of the CARIN Blue Button® HL7® FHIR® API data model and draft implementation guide in 2019 so we can work to move the API into production in 2020.”

Through the CARIN Blue Button® draft implementation guide slated for yearend launch, Carin invites and requests all stakeholders for more action on the process to refine the data mapping and define specific value sets.

Well, all said and done, getting this Health App will call for the massive deployment of resources from all stakeholders. How the app benefits Americans by 2020, and later, patients across the world will keenly awaited. All will need to wait for the test to begin by the end of 2019 and finally look forward to its launch for 2020.

Are you happy with the way medical records are maintained? How comfortable are you as regards their access? Share your opinions, please.

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