Career at

We’re hiring full-time, in-house content writers for at our Ahmedabad office.

Our small team is made up of people who are passionate about Apple devices and technology. We focus mostly on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

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We’re looking for equally-passionate writers who are willing to focus intensively on iOS-related things. We’re a gadgets-people, so anyone with an interest in gadgets and technology and a natural flair for writing would be our perfect fit.

(Note: We are NOT looking for any ‘content writer’ who can write X words on any topic/keyword. That’s not how we work here. We are SPECIFICALLY looking for folks who are excited about technology and gadgets and who can write well.)

What you’ll be doing at iGeeksBlog:

Research: You will be researching on what’s hot in the world of iOS devices. This will include things like apps, accessories, etc.), how-to tutorials and news.

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Discussions: You will be a part of highly-opinionated but healthy discussions about the entire iOS ecosystem. We get a lot of topics to write on from such discussions.

Writing: Naturally, post-research and discussions, you will be writing simple, highly-useful content for the blog.

Content Editorial: Once we publish a writeup, it doesn’t end there. We continuously refine our posts, edit information as and when required and review/revise frequently. You will be a part of this continuous refinement that helps us keep our blog up-to-date and very useful for our followers/readers.

The culture at iGeeksBlog:

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iGeeksBlog has a typical startup culture and environment. It’s a small but growing team of fun-loving folks who enjoy the work of building a great team and producing something cool and useful.

Creative Freedom: You will be free to explore research and write on things that you like, that you want to write about, in the iOS niche.

No Targets: There are no targets to achieve. We aim for a relaxed, interesting work ethic. You work at your own pace. The focus is on doing something really valuable and helpful. (if you come from a content-factory, this job will be radically different.)

Relaxed Environment: We’re serious about not getting too serious. That makes the culture and the environment at iGeeksBlog very relaxed. And since we’re not driven by quantity (hours, posts etc.), you should expect an enjoyable work environment (complete with songs, movies, lunches and more than the usual amount of funny chit-chat etc.)

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What do we offer?

  • A lucrative package.
  • Mediclaim of INR 2,00,000.
  • 15 days paid leave annually. (but we’re totally flexible with this)

Are you excited to be a part of iGeeksBlog? Do you think it’s time to jump from a boring routine to a creative (but intensely-focused) writing career? Drop us a line at info at igeeksblog dot com, igeeksblogs at yahoo dot com. Let’s talk.