Heart rate monitoring app Cardiogram has been updated to support native watchOS 2. The health app has also added a new complication and 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s.

Among the several new add-ons, the redesigned user-interface is the most apparent. Since the app is now compatible with the native watchOS 2, you can track and view the recorded heart rate data without tethering to your iPhone. Besides, you will be able to access the latest heart rate readings (Time Travel supported) due largely to the new Apple Watch complication.

Cardiogram iPhone App

Cardiogram Apple Watch App Now Support Native watchOS 2 and 3D Touch

Detailed activity statistics

The iPhone companion app has also got major improvements. The app now includes detailed activity statistics with heart rate trends and a Metrics pane which display exercise goals, move and stand. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can use 3D touch to tag heart rate peaks in order to identify or chronicle abnormal rhythms. Besides, the health app now allows you to share your data through social networks.

See How Your Heart Reacts

Using this app, you can check out how your heart reacts during a rigorous workout. See your resting heart rate to have a better idea about your cardiac health. Keeping a track of your heart rate whole day long is pretty simple with it.

It also enables you to track spikes to your heart rate with regard to diet, exercise or stress. Being a HealthKit app, it shares the data mRhythm study which detects atrial fibrillation.

Cardiogram is available for free on App Store. It’s compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 9.

Price: Free
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