Can’t Redownload Purchased Songs from iTunes

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Can’t redownload your purchased items in iTunes? Don’t fret over it at all as many of us have faced it quite a few times. There are several reasons why your purchased contents might not be available for download. As for instance, you may have mistakenly hidden them.

Fortunately, there are some handy tricks that can bring your purchased items back to life. It might not be a straightforward task but this guide can get the job done for you. Let’s find out!

Can’t Download Purchased Music from iTunes on Windows or Mac

Are Your Purchases Hidden?

Make sure the purchases you are trying to redownload are not hidden.

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.

Step #2. Go to iTunes Store (only if you aren’t automatically landed on that page).

Step #3. Now on the right side on the screen, you’ll have “Music Quick Links“. Under that click on “Account“.

Click on Account in iTunes

Step #4. You’ll need to sign-in using your Apple ID and Password.

Sign In to iTunes Store

Step #5. This will redirect you to Account Information page. Now, under the heading “iTunes in the Cloud“, click on Manage located against Hidden Purchases.

Click on Mange Unhide in iTunes

Step #6. You will get the list (Or a single song) you purchased.

Step #7. Now click on “unhide” button below the song.

Unhide Music from iTunes

Step #8. On the top click on “My Music“.

Step #9. You will see the song you just unhide along with a Cloud icon. Just click on the Cloud icon to download the song.

You can also hide the song again. To do so, just click on the song and then click on “More” (three dots). Now from the list select “Delete” and you will get a pop-up with two options: “Hide Items” and “Cancel”. Click on “Hide Items” to hide the song again.

Is Your Device Associated with Another Apple ID?

“This device is associated with another Apple ID. You cannot associate this device with another Apple ID for [number] days.”

If your device is associated with another Apple ID, you would have to wait for a few days before you can associate it with another Apple ID.

Your Mac or iOS device automatically gets associated with an Apple ID when you use certain features like turn on iCloud Music Library, Automatic Downloads, Family Sharing, Download music or past purchases on your device or subscribe to iTunes Match.

To remove your associated device, open iTunes → Sign into your iTunes Account, if you are not already → Click on Account Menu → View My Account → enter your password again and click on View Account. Now, scroll to the iTunes section and click on Manage devices. In the end, remove the associated device.

Is the Content Available for Redownload?

The content which you had purchased earlier might not be available for redownload if they don’t exist on iTunes anymore.

Have You changed your Country?

If you have changed the country for your Apple ID, you may not be able to download the contents you have purchased in the previous country.

Hence, you need to make sure that your country, where you are currently living, allow to redownload the items.

Have Your Purchases been Refunded?

If your previous purchases have been refunded, they might not be available.

Other Solutions

Solution #1: Quick Retake

Step #1. Head over to iTunes store and choose Purchased.

Step #2. Next, select Not in My Library. Next, you need to click on the respective menu like Music, Apps, TV Shows, or Audiobooks.

You should see the list of all the items that are not available in your library.

Step #3. Click on Download All from the bottom right corner.

Step #4. Next restart your computer.

Solution #2: Sign Out of iTunes and then Sign In

Try to sign out of iTunes and sign back in. Open iTunes → Click on Account menu → Sign Out. Wait for some time and then sign in again.

Report the Problem, If Nothing Has Worked for You…

If nothing has worked and you are unable to find the item that you purchased in the iTunes Store, you need to report the problem.

Apple allows you to report a problem with a purchase made within the last 90 days. You need to contact iTunes Store support if you want to report for an older purchase.

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