Many users would have faced the issue of not being able to download a purchased song in iTunes. This could happen if you have deleted any song from your device and trying to re-download it via iTunes. To your surprise, it is not a glitch from Apple’s side. There’s just a small setting you will need to do.

When you open iTunes on a Mac or PC, you’ll see your song as purchased, but the button would be greyed out and you won’t be able to download the song. To do so, check the step-by-step guide given below to re-download your purchased song.

Can't Download Purchased Music from iTunes on Mac or Windows

Can’t Download Purchased Music from iTunes on Windows or Mac

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac.

Step #2. Go to iTunes Store (only if you aren’t automatically landed on that page).

Step #3. Now on the right side on the screen, you’ll have “Music Quick Links“. Under that click on “Account“.

Click on Account in iTunes

Step #4. You’ll need to sign-in using your Apple ID and Password.

Sign In to iTunes Store

Step #5. This will redirect you to Account Information page. Now, under heading “iTunes in the Cloud“, click on Manage located against Hidden Purchases.

Click on Mange Unhide in iTunes

Step #6. You will get the list (Or a single song) you purchased.

Step #7. Now click on “unhide” button below the song.

Unhide Music from iTunes

Step #8. On the top click on “My Music“.

Step #9. You will see the song you just unhide along with a Cloud icon. Just click on the Cloud icon to download the song.

You can also hide the song again. To do so, just click on the song and then click on “More” (three dots). Now from the list select “Delete” and you will get a pop-up with two options: “Hide Items” and “Cancel”. Click on “Hide Items” to hide the song again.

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