Out of the dozens of tweaks that somehow add power to Safari and/or mobile web browsing on your iPhone, Canopy stands as an outstanding and an amazingly powerful tweak.

As far as I’ve seen, known and used, Canopy just blows your mind by clubbing a ton of useful features and strapping them on to Mobile Safari.

It’s a well-known fact that Apple’s users contribute the largest share of mobile web browsers and that includes traffic from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Incidentally, Safari picks up the top spot but it’s surprising to note how many features Mobile Safari misses in comparison to other mobile browsers and it’s own parent, the desktop version.

Canopy  Safari Cydia Tweak

Canopy solves this in a way that you’d be “mind blown” if you use Mobile Safari a lot. Here’s a gist of features that Canopy adds to Safari:

  1. Improved recently closed pages
  2. Tap-n-hold on Bookmarks, History, Reading List or iCloud items to copy their URL. This can then be shared or added to other areas of Safari.
  3. “Paste & Search” feature for faster browsing
  4. Close all open tabs at once
  5. Delete individual recent searches (history items)
  6. Ability to mark reading lists as read/unread
  7. Home Screen shortcut icon customization

There are some more interesting features that are totally on the functional-side of it.

Most of the features are poised to make browsing on Safari totally fast, smooth and as much as possible, akin to the experience on desktop. This includes stuff like “Paste & Search”, ability to close all tabs simultaneously or open new pages from reading list items, or adding the ability to delete recent searches.

Besides all this, in the Settings page of Canopy, you can tweak what long-press does. That is, you can configure the actions associated with long-press (of page button or bookmarks button).

All this for $0.99. It’s a steal.

Canopy is on the BigBoss repo.