For a tech geek, the never ending fascination and excitement about my Apple Watch goes in vain when my Apple Watch doesn’t pair up with the iPhone. I just can’t figure out what to do because iPhone is the ultimate solution to all my problems. I started trying to fix it myself and got a “bang on target” result.

Here is what you can do, if your Apple Watch is troubling you with the same problem.

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Cannot Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

How to Fix If Apple Watch isn’t Connected to Your iPhone

# 1. Restart your Apple Watch

On the first instance you can resolve the issue by restarting your Apple Watch. Hold press the side button and follow the usual steps. It can trouble shoot your irritation so that you can enjoy a flawless pairing between the iPhone and Apple Watch. But if the problem still persists you can try the next level of troubleshooting.

If the issue is not resolved you can give it a try by restarting your iPhone. This may resolve the irritating connection problem in the iPhone.

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#2. Restart your iPhone

Just in case, if the there is a hurdle in the pairing process from the iPhone’s end then you can try restarting your iPhone. You can press hold the power button and slide power off and then restart your iPhone. But in case your trouble still survived, you can opt for the following one.

#3. UnPair and Re-Pair

It will take some time and a bit of your patience. But this is the last solution to resolve the issue on your own. You can unpair the Apple watch from the iPhone through the Apple Watch app. But before unpairing just recall the pairing once more as you need to repair it again.

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If these three trouble busters are unable to resolve, now is the time, to visit the local Apple Store. They with their expertise will definitely give you the ultimate solution.

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