How to Fix the “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” Error

At times, your iPhone/iPad/iPod cannot connect to App Store, iTunes or the Game Center. A “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” error shows up when you try to open iTunes.

While most of the time this is due to internet issues or if you’re trying to access the App Store when it’s being updated, you can try to fix the problem on your iPhone/iPad too through the steps outlined below.

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Cannot Connect to iTunes Store: Tips to Fix the Issue

#1. Disable/Enable iTunes Parental Controls

This method has worked like a charm for many iOS users. We were so skeptical about this solutions but it helps many readers to connect to the iTunes store. Here you go:

Step #1. Launch iTunes → Go to Preferences from top menu.

iTunes Preferences

Step #2. Go to Parental Control tab → Disable access to iTunes Store and allow access to iTunes U.

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iTunes Store Parental Controls

Step #3. Now quit iTunes. Re-launch iTunes and if it sends you directly to iTunes U without any problem, then go back to Parental Control and enable access to iTunes Store.

Allow Access to iTunes U

Step #4. Quite iTunes and open it again. You should now connect to the iTunes Store without any problem.

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#2. Check Your Internet Connctivity.:

  • Make sure you are in range of WI-FI router or base station.
  • Must ensure that the devices such as PC are able to connect to WI-FI. And more importantly, they are able to access internet.
  • Try resetting WI-FI router again—Simply turn it off and then turn it on.
  • If it is still not done, then you should try to troubleshoot WI-FI network and connections.

#3. Restart Network / Switch Wifi-3G

One of the simplest reasons why your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch cannot connect to App Store is because of a network issue. If the Wi-fi signal is weak, there’s a strong chance iTunes store won’t open.

One way of finding out is to turn off your network and restart it.

  • Switch to 3G
  • Exit App Store/iTunes app (from the multi-tasking switcher)
  • Open iTunes/App Store again.

If you are on 3G and this doesn’t fix, you might have to switch to Wi-fi and check it out.

#4. The Date-change Workaround

This trick has been around for quite a while. Although this was supposed to work only initially, there are a few users who report that this method appears to work fine even now:

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  • Go to Settings → General → Data & Time
  • Now, change the Set Automatically to ON
  • Exit iTunes and App Store (multi-task switcher) and re-open them.

#5: Software Update

  • It is important to check out if your device (running iOS 8 or later) is up to date or not. Settings—General—Software Update.
  • Also make sure that your version of Mac OS X is up to date.
  • Must make sure iTunes and Safari are updated to their latest version.

#6. Troubleshoot Firewall Issue

How to troubleshoot issue on Mac:

  • If you have firewall, your settings may be causing plenty issues and not letting you to connect to iTunes. Therefore, you need to configure your firewall.
  • At times, connection issues occur due to keychain issues. Hence, you may require to reset keychain.
  • If it is still not done, you should contact your internet service provider and enable ports and servers over your network.

How to troubleshoot issues on Windows:

Host Files May Cause Issue:

The hosts file may be causing the issues and blocking the iTunes Store. Follow this Microsoft’s Article to reset the hosts defaults for you.

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This Fix hasn’t been enabled to work for Windows 8. In order to create a copy of your hosts file and replace it with an empty hosts file, you need to follow these instructions:

  • You can get the hosts file at: C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC.
  • Click the hosts file. There will now be a duplicate of the hosts file “Copy of hosts” (Windows XP) or “hosts-copy”
  • Now you need to drag the original hosts file to your desktop.
  • Right-click the duplicate file and select Open. Now, you should be prompted to choose the program which you wish to use in order to open this file. Double-click Notepad.
  • When Notepad opens, select Edit → Select All.
  • Select Edit → Delete.
  • Select File → Save.
  • Close Notepad.
  • Right-click on the duplicate file, and select Rename.
  • Type “hosts” (without any quotation marks) and press Enter.
  • Now you have restart your computer again and try to connect to the iTunes Store.

#7. Reboot

If you get the ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ error even after all these steps, maybe something is stuck up hard. A simple hard-reset should usually fix the error but you can also opt to reboot your iPhone just to be sure.

To Hard-reset: press the home and power button until the iPhone screen goes blank. Now press the power button only until you see the Apple logo.

Watch out this video to fix “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error

That’s all!

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


  1. The hard reset worked! i couldn’t connect to the app store, facebook or messenger before. Thanks!

  2. i tried everything you mentioned above stil i could not connect to the app store.please help me fix the issue fast.

  3. for me the issue turned out to be that I had hit my max authorizations. 5/5. I deauthorized all. Then went to Itune/app settings on ipad the re-logged in….voila worked

  4. I’m just SUPER impressed that you updated this months old article ON THE DAY (today, March 11) about the Apple servers being down. You guys are on it! Just bookmarked this site.

  5. THANK YOU!!! I have no idea why but the first method worked! I have been trying to figure this out for over a week now!

  6. I can’t believe it. I tried every suggestion on the Apple site and nowhere did they say to check your preferences. Allow Access to iTunes wasn’t even checked off to begin with! Thank you!!

  7. I have been unable to connect and log into apple for a month now. I am getting p*ssed nothing works. Also my phones handling of wifi is “interesting”.

  8. I have an iPhone 5s and those steps up there do not work for me I then reset all of my data and I am allowed to go through and click on the download buttons on the App Store but it just puts that app in the waiting stage forever HELP!!!

  9. Cannot Connect to App Store – possible solutions

    1. Log Out and Back in of your Apple ID
    2. Reboot your Iphone
    3. Update your CC info on your account
    4. Double check that Auto Date is turned on under Settings>General>Date and Time
    5. Reset your IPhone – Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings
    6. Verify “Restrictions” are turned off Settings>General>Restrictions=Off
    7. Turn on Location Services – Settings>Privacy>Location Serivces=On
    8. Check Setting>Itunes & App Store>Use Cellular Data=On, App Store=On
    9. Verify Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data=On

  10. I have around 1month trying to resolve my problem. Anything had work yet. I can’t even enter to my account, it only shows “iTunes couldn’t connect to iTunes Store. Be sure your internet conection is active and try again”. It sucks, I can’t update my iPod :C I use Windows 8.1 actually.


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