Can not Airplay Mirror iPhone/iPad to Apple TV: How to Fix

Apple TV has created a lot of buzz amongst the users and all of them love it. But, there are times when they face certain problems during AirPlay mirroring. These kinds of problems are mostly experienced due to low-speed Wi-Fi network or some internal settings in your iPhone/iPad.

Today, we are going to list some of the basic problems faced by the Apple TV users who are finding it hard to connect their devices to the TV. So here is the list of few problems and their solutions to fix them:

Can not Airplay Mirror iPhone and iPad to Apple TV

Network Problems

You might not be able to AirPlay mirror on your Apple TV via your iPhone/iPad. Reasons might be several, but if it’s something due to the network problems then it’s quite simple to fix it.

How to Fix Network Problems

As per the Apple’s instructions, if you are using Apple 2nd generation TV, then you have to make sure that TV and your device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) both are connected to the single network. But if you are using 3rd generation Apple TV and your iPhone/iPad has iOS8 then there is no need to connect both the devices on the same Wi-Fi. All you have to do is just switch on the Wi-Fi on iPhone/iPad and Bluetooth in your TV to mirror whatever you see in your device.

Audio and Video Streaming Problems in Airplay Mirroring

There are times when you are unable to hear the audio but able to see the video completely. And at times the videos get stuck and you get frustrated due to such kind of buffering. So here’s how you can fix both the problems.

How to Fix Audio Problems

  • Turn your iPhone/iPad in the general mode if is in silent mode.
  • Ensure that the audio is not muted in your iOS device and if that’s the case, change the settings and increase the audio output.

How to Fix Video Streaming Problems

  • Try to connect your Apple TV once again to the Wi-Fi network by switching it off
  • Ensure that there are no other devices in the surroundings that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. This may reduce the speed and can create video streaming problems
  • If you are still unable to play videos without buffering, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi and try to connect the Apple TV directly with the Ethernet cable.

Unable to See What You Want to?

Due to multiple Apple TVs in your room or home, you might face a problem when two or more devices are connected to the same network and trying to AirPlay mirror the content.

How to Fix it?

  • Switch on the Apple TV and make sure that there isn’t any interruption in power
  • Then see that both the devices i.e., Apple TV and iPhone/iPad are connected to same Wi-Fi network
  • On your device check that the pop-up of AirPlay is showing only one device and it is connected to your iPhone/iPad.
  • If it’s not connected and you are finding multiple devices, make sure that you connect to the Apple TV in which you want to see the content

AirPlay Icon not Displaying in Control Center

If you are not able to see the AirPlay icon in the control center, you are surely going to face problems when you try to AirPlay mirror the content. This might be due to non-verification of your AirPlay in your TV or something else.

How to Fix AirPlay Icon Problem?

  • Restart your iPhone as usual and to restart Apple TV just press Menu + Down.
  • Then plug-in the power cable and turn on the Apple TV.
  • You now have to check the Wi-Fi connectivity and make sure that Apple TV and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same network as explained in the above step.
  • Now go to settings and see if you can find AirPlay icon in the control panel.
  • If you are still unable to see the icon, then there might be some problems in one of your devices or in the network connection.

There are few problems faced due to apps while streaming the content on Apple TV. The problems might be due to either app is not updated or they don’t have rights to broadcast to Apple TV.