Why I Don’t Miss My MacBook Pro After Switching to iPad Pro 12.9″

About a month back, while jotting down my thoughts on 12.9″ iPad Pro for a hands-on guide about multitasking for our YouTube channel, I felt I should spend more on exploring iOS. And after a bit of thought, I realized that iPad could play a vital role in helping me stay in sync with every subtle change that Apple keeps on adding to the operating system.

As a full-time blogger, I’ve to search extensively on the web and note-down thought-provoking ideas whenever they come along. At times, the search goes well beyond the regular working hours and end deep into the night. This extensive research also seemed to push me to embrace a more portable and interactive device.

To achieve my goal, I decided to give more time to the iPad–even during the tight schedules. However, I failed to keep the promise, as my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar would gobble up almost all the time I had. And the tablet wasn’t able to get much attention despite sitting on the same desk–in full readiness.

As the first option didn’t deliver the kind of result I had expected, the thought of using iPad as my daily driver struck my mind. Just when I was toying with this idea, my inner self asked, “Can iPad Pro replace my MacBook?” Speaking the truth; the stake seemed to be heavily against the tablet. However, I decided to give it a shot–no matter what.

And after using the new iPad Pro for a month, I’m eager to share my account with you. Here is what I’ve experienced–both the good and the bad!

Why New iPad Pro 12.9″ Has Replaced My MacBook Pro 

More Interactive & Approachable

The one department where iPad Pro seems way better than MacBook is the interactivity. Thanks to the large edge-to-edge touchscreen, the iPad feels more approachable and interactive.

By keeping the distraction at bay, the iPad makes reading more focused. As I like exploring searching articles and scanning through the vital points at my own pace–from the comfort of the couch to the long walk in the backyard– the tablet has fit into my needs pretty well.

Whenever I want to get into the action, the entire screen along with all the contents seems to be just a touch away. And I can play around with everything with more freedom.

While many would want to have the support for mouse and even trackpad for navigation, I personally don’t miss them at all. When I can use my finger to smoothly interact with everything, why do I need to use something else?

Besides, if I ever want to be more creative or annotate PDFs, Apple Pencil 2 is always readily available to let me sketch not just images but also ideas proficiently. The tablet really feels more intuitive.

Full-On Multitasking

Frankly speaking; I had never before got the most out of multitasking. But after switching to the new iPad Pro, I love every bit of it.

With the likes of Split View, Slide-Over and PiP Mode in the offing, I can fire up four apps at one go. During web browsing, I like to keep my favorite note app just a glance away so that I can quickly jot down something very important. That’s when Split View comes into play really well as it lets me seamlessly jump from one app to the other.

Many a time, I’ve to watch videos and note down the crucial points simultaneously. Thanks to PiP Mode, I can do both the things at once more comfortably–without having to hop from one end to the other. These little things save plenty of my valuable time and also boost productivity.

Not to speak of the super unique swipe gestures that add a completely new dimension into the way I go about my job on the iPad.

Using the swipe gestures, I can instantly switch between the open apps, take a peek at the neighboring apps without having to dive into them, keep the grouped apps together as long as I want and what not.

While I’ve always liked using Drag-and-Drop on Mac, I enjoy using it more on the iPad. Again it’s the buttery smooth swipe gestures that make dragging and dropping the stuff from one place to the other incredibly simple and straightforward. And that’s what makes the iPad more productive than the MacBook.

Organized File Management

Contrary to what most reviewers have said, I find the file management system on the iPad completely clutter-free. And I have a couple of valid reasons to prove my point:

First and foremost, iOS is designed to make file management less painful. It’s kind of automated, and you hardly have to worry about where to put your stuff as each app is capable of handling its own data. So, there is less chance of chaos hijacking the entire home screen or messing up the whole device.

The second, the Files app is more than good enough to let you handle your docs and almost everything efficiently. Moreover, you can set up iCloud, Dropbox and other supported cloud-services to seamlessly access your files and keep them perfectly organized across the devices.

Elegantly Suit Multiple Needs

Even though it might seem a bit hyperbolic, I find iPad more capable of catering to multiple needs than iPhone and Mac. In short, it’s pretty much like an all-rounder who can do most things very well.

If I were to pick up one device that can let me get the most out of games, liven up my media time, control smart home devices, write articles, and edit photos and videos for sharing on social media, I would happily go with iPad Pro. It just explains the versatility of the iPad.

Of course, it does take a few days and even a couple of weeks for getting used to the iPad. But once you’ve mastered the bag of tricks, you would (kind of) become addictive to the tablet.

But then again, there is no such thing as perfect in the world. And the iPad Pro is no exception to this rule. Though I have experienced many downsides during my month long usage, I would like to mention a couple of shortcomings.

Lack Of Desktop Class Web Browser

Safari for iOS works fast and makes web browsing more secure than its counterparts. However, it’s still more suited for sophisticated web browsing and lacks the ability to deliver a desktop class experience.

As for third-party web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, they too don’t have the expertise to live up to the pro demand.

You can argue that iOS does have an option to request the desktop version of a site, but it’s still not enough as you won’t be able to access everything. To be honest; it does seem to be a bit frustrating–at times.

With A12X chip and the upgraded RAM, the iPad can easily run a full-fledged web browser. Despite having such robust hardware, the tablet still uses a mobile web browser. It’s nothing but a paradox in itself.

No Multi-User Interface

I don’t think the lack of “Guest mode” is a big deal, but it’s worth consideration. Many a time, I have to hand over my iPad to my colleague or even a family member–with a heavy heart. And each time I hand over the device, I wish there was a multi-user interface so that I could allow only selected stuff and keep all of my more personal things at a fair distance.

I guess I’m not the only one who is asking for a guest mode on iPad. The good thing is Apple can easily make it happen. So, it’s the question of when and not how.

Before wrapping up, I would like to mention one more thing: Wouldn’t it be better if there was an option to plug up the USB-C hard drive so that files can be directly imported to the iPad? Yeah, it would be handy for many reasons. Despite no technical limitations, Apple failed to bring this functionality onboard.

Speaking the truth, I haven’t badly missed it, but I believe that it should be given a go-ahead.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…MacBook Pro Is A Masterpiece. But iPad Pro Is Unique In Its Own Way…

Having given a shot to iPad Pro 12.9″ for so long as my main device, I’ve come to the conclusion that the iPad is designed for a specific purpose. It’s more live, approachable, and elegant. And if you want to have a device that can fit into most of your needs, you can’t go wrong with it.

Keep in mind; the iPad can’t yet become the full replacement to a laptop–let alone MacBook Pro. But then again it all depends on what your requirement is.

With the robust hardware already in place, I expect the iPad to break most of the boundaries and even scale several new heights. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the tablet even becomes the biggest challenger to the MacBook—in the near future!

What’s your take on Apple’s new iPad and what are the improvements you want to see in it? Share your thoughts about it in the comment below.

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