Burning Question: Can iPhone 8 Shatter the Sales Record of iPhone 6?

There are several factors which seem to have favorably tilted towards iPhone 8. Hence, we expect 2017 to be an incredible show; much bigger than 2014 in terms of sales.

Though the rumored features of every iPhone make a lot of headlines, iPhone 8 features have been making massive buzz even before iPhone 7 was just getting ready to arrive. What has caught everyone’s attention is the magnificent features which are likely to embrace the next-gen iPhone.

As far as numbers are concerned, iPhone 6 touched an unprecedented high in 2014 with a brand new design and large screen. Unfortunately, iPhone 6s couldn’t succeed in even coming close to that magical number and failed to make much impact. Though iPhone 7 series has performed much better than what had been forecasted, it’s yet to match the high of iPhone 6 models.

iPhone 8 Design Concept

Several experts predict that iPhone 8 would make yet another history as far as commercial success is concerned. And looking at the hot prospects which lie ahead, 2017 could likely bring about a huge turnaround for iPhone; which has seen a year-over-year decline in sales recently. So, what makes iPhone 8 so special and which are the major factors that can tilt the tide in Apple’s favor come 2017?

iPhone 8 Most Likely to Surpass the Record of iPhone 6 Sales

“Apple is ramping for its biggest iPhone sales success ever next year, according to KGI. Its estimates suggest that the new iPhones in 2017, expected to comprise three new models, will empower Apple growth with “unprecedented” demand. KGI expects the new phones may sell between 120-150 million units in the second half of next year, eclipsing the previous sales record set by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”9to5Mac

All New Design

A stunning, new design is on the cards. There is no clarity as yet about what could be the real picture, we can bet that it would be out of the box. (Do have a look at these nice looking iPhone 8 concepts.)

Going by the winds, bezel-free display (edge-to-edge display), OLED display could be one of the main ingredients. Whenever iPhone has come with a new look, sales have gone up. Therefore, we expect the trend to hold true this time around again.

Much-awaited Features

Features like wireless charging, the fingerprint scanner on the screen, curved OLED screen are some of the most talked about features getting ready to arrive on the next-gen iPhone. Besides, fast charging technology may also find its way on iPhone; much to the wish of many users.

Disappointed with very few killer features in iPhone 6s and 7, fans are too desperate to try something out-of-the-box on iPhone. It’s this prospect that can sway the game.

Better Show in Asia

Of course, China hasn’t been too enthusiastic for iPhone 6s and 7 models, but things would be a lot of different with the iPhone 8 which is expected to launch in three exclusive models. It’s no secret that Chinese fans have an irresistible liking for something exciting. With iPhone 8 presenting the same ingredients as iPhone 6, the sales would be a lot of better in 2017. Most significantly, inflation is showing signs of clearing the clouds in the most populous country in the world.

When you talk about Asia, you can’t overlook India-the fastest growing major economy, which is slowly becoming a top market for iPhone-going by the unbelievable numbers recently. A much better show in China and India could significantly bolster iPhone’s fortune.

More Android Switchers

A lot of Android users have been switching to iOS unlike before. With the upcoming iPhone being so special, we believe a record number of Android loyalists would finally adopt iOS next year. The unfortunate discontinuation of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would continue to benefit iPhone. Google Pixel has done quite well, but it won’t be able to stop the 2017 iPhone from making terrific inroads into the den of the most popular mobile OS.

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