Fast-Paced: Can India be Another China for Apple and iPhone?

As Apple has showed more interest in making the most of the third largest smartphone market, can India turn out be another China for its devices?

Apple had never looked at India as a major market much less giving high priority to it. Even when Mac, MackBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch rocked the universe with their industry-first features and unbelievable popularity, the country remained unconscious about the wave.

Nevertheless, the second-most populated nation on the planet kept growing at the speedy rate even while the entire world was embroiled with the stubborn inflation. With the unparallel demographic dividend with more than 605 million people below the age of 25, it has emerged as one of the powerhouses of the world and is well on course to dominating the best in the business.

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Can India be Another China for Apple and iPhone?

The Bright Spot Amid Inflation-Ridden Countries

At a when the western countries along with China, Russia, and Japan are struggling to keep themselves abreast with their high standards due to various things like, shortage of quality engineers, workers, inflation and aging population, India has been blessed with everything that it takes to rise atop in the years to come. No wonder, the world has changed the way it used to look at the developing country before.

Fastest Growing Economy

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As things are fast-changing for the Indian economy, Apple just couldn’t keep its eye off from the economy that has just outpaced even China. Already recognized as the fastest growing smartphone market in the world and considered as the third largest smartphone market, India has the immense possibility to explore.

As per Tim Cook’s own admission, India is where China was almost a decade ago. So, is the country on its way to not only becoming the paradise for world’s most valuable brands—surpassing every other in the next decade or two? At least for now, things appear to be in favor Hindustan, and if the high potential continues to yield better results, the country would be at the top in a couple of decades.

Futuristic Investments at a Perfect Time

Looking at the major announcements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook to open a development center in Hyderabad and a new iOS app design and development accelerator in Bangalore, two things strike my mind: First- the Cupertino-based company is desperate to cash in on the fast emerging market. Two- It no longer wants its rivals to continue to dominate it.

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But, can India be another China for Apple in general and iPhone in particular? It can be. However, it’s going to take some time before the results would show off.

Key to Success in the Price-Conscious Indian Market

To make the most of the vast market with the extremely price-conscious people, Cook will have to either introduce products that must appeal to the mass audience or bring out something that people would be compelled to buy.

“The key to success in Indian market is not just the best quality but also affordable price that plays the biggest role in making a product successful. So, can Cook produce both the best and quite affordable devices specifically designed for the Indian market?”

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Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


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