Can Apple’s Virtual Assistant Compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home?

Rumors have been doing the rounds that Apple is working on a virtual assistant that will compete with Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Ever since Google unveiled Home hardware and Assistant platform, which will compete with Amazon Echo, at Google I/O developer conference earlier this month, rumors have been doing the rounds that Apple is also going to jump on the bandwagon.

According to a report, Apple is working on a new Siri SDK that will allow app developers complete access to the voice controlled software, adding that the tech giant is preparing a Wi-Fi Speaker for Siri, which will have the same functionality as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Can Apple’s Virtual Assistant Compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home?

But just when we could think of more about how Apple’s Wi-Fi speaker would look like or work, another report claimed that Apple TV might be used as the hardware for the virtual assistant.

Built-In Camera, Facial Recognition Technology

In order to make its voice-controlled assistant more user-friendly, the Cupertino-based company is now reported to include a built-in camera as well as facial recognition technology in its hardware. If these two exclusive features are added into Amazon Echo competitor for Siri, it will surely be quite a few steps ahead of the competition.

Be Integrated into Apple TV or iPhone?

There is still plenty of suspense as to whether the virtual assistant will be launched as a standalone device or be integrated into Apple TV or iPhone. Whatever will be the outcome, one thing is for sure; we are going to have a smart virtual assistant that will once again bring about something outstanding for fans going by how Apple has transformed anything it has gotten into.

Whether it’s a smartphone, watch or computer, the tech giant had never been the first to introduce something. Nevertheless, whenever it launched anything, it not only changed the way it was perceived but also brought an all-new dimension to it.

Won’t Arrive Until 2017

Unfortunately, the rumored home assistant won’t come until 2017 (if reports are to be believed? So, if you are desperate to tell the Wi-Fi speaker to play some of your favorite songs, set a timer, prepare your special shopping list, check out the weather outside today or what’s on your calendar, you will have to wait for some time before putting your hands on it.

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