iPhone’s camera is a perfect example of one of the most successful smartphone cameras. But where it fails is the orientation which – agreeably – is not much of a problem to most users.

However, advanced iPhone photographers who want their iPhone camera to lock a particular orientation make use of the iPhone’s orientation lock feature. When that is not enough, CamRotate comes in.

CamRotate is a specific Cydia tweak built to give more control over the orientation of your iPhone camera. It’s basically for those orientation locks to work just as you want them to.

Camrotate Cydia Tweak

The real purpose of CamRotate is probably lost in the crowded reviews but at its core, the tweak lets you configure the orientations. You have four options: two for portrait and two for landscape. So when you need to do a landscape left orientation and lock the iPhone there, CamRotate comes as a handy tool.

CamRotate does not have many features or configuration settings. You have:

  • Lock rotation which locks whatever orientation you set the tweak to
  • Sync orientation which syncs the orientation based on the iPhone’s position(portrait/landscape)
  • Rotation style which adds an iPad-like transition of the on-screen buttons when orientation is changed

You can enable or disable the tweak with a switch. You don’t have to respring to apply the changes. You just have to quit the camera app from the multi-task switcher and re-open the camera to see the changes taking effect.

CamRotate is a free tweak available on the BigBoss repo. You can grab it for your iPhone.

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  • GzyOnline

    Thanks for posting this article! I’m in the processing of installing this tweak and testing to see if it resolves my issue.. I took some pics on my iPhone and emailed them to myself.. Now Outlook is displaying them sideways (wrong orientation).. Until EXIF data is universally implemented and recognized, locking the Camera’s orientation and manually editing them will have to do.. :-/