Despite there being a lot of camera apps for the iPhone, the stock camera is the most-widely-used. It’s obvious because the stock camera app is faster than most other apps with bloated features.

But the stock camera looks like a stripped down version of a good camera app. It lacks several little features that could make it an amazing camera to use. That’s where something like a Cydia tweak comes in.

Camera Tweak 2 is the perfect Cydia tweak that adds powerful features to the stock Camera app on iOS 7. It was quite powerful in its previous version too. The new update brings some bug fixes. There are tons of benefits to using this tweak instead of going for a separate camera app. Here’s what I’m talking about.

How to Add Cool Features to iOS 7 Stock Camera

Different Areas for Focus Lock and Exposure Lock
With Camera Tweak 2, you can have two different areas for focus lock and explore lock. The stock camera calculates exposure and focus based on where you press and hold so it’s just one area deciding the exposure. But with Camera Tweak 2, you can easily focus the lens on an area but pick exposure settings from some other part of the image. This comes in handy when you are taking photographs in low-light.

Pick a Resolution of Your Choice
The tweak also lets you choose what resolution you want the picture to be in. This goes from a paltry 144px to about 2448px. That’s for the photograph. The video mode takes it to 1080p (this is on iPhone 5/5s).

Click a Picture In Video
Besides this, you can make your camera click pictures when it’s recording a video. This was something Samsung boasted about in one of their Note phablets and something that’s largely missing from other camera apps too. With the tweak installed, the stock camera app will be able to click pictures right in between a video capture.

Camera Tweak 2 also comes with a White Balance lock (for both videos and photos).

Two Timers
But the timer is what makes Camera Tweak by far the finest camera-related tweaks for iPhone. There are two kinds of timers in the tweak that you can use. The first one is the normal timer that clicks a picture after a particular time lapse. This will be useful when you want to capture selfies.

There’s also the Lapse Timer which automatically clicks a picture at given intervals: starting from a pic every 3 second to a pic every 1 hour. The lapse timer setting will make the camera click a picture automatically at regular intervals. I don’t know exactly where this is useful but sounds like a fancy feature.

Camera Tweak 2 is a must-have tweak for iPhone users.

How to get Camera Tweak 2
The tweak is up on BigBoss repo and you can purchase it for $1.49. To install it, open Cydia and search for ‘Camera Tweak 2’. Tap on the result and then on Purchase. Follow the steps to authenticate a payment (from PayPal or any other means) and then the tweak will get installed. You can head over to Settings → Camera Tweak to change the preferences.