Apple has heard the complaints of users who were really annoyed to have seen the Camera Roll missing from iOS 8. But we’re looking at a reversal: Camera Roll is coming back in iOS 8.1!

“We do get a little bit of feedback,” Federighi said while commenting about the camera roll in a passing reference. This could be one of those rare occasions when Apple almost instantly rectified a feature-removal.

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Camera Roll is Back in iOS 8.1

So many folks were obviously missing the camera roll after upgrading to iOS 8. Currently, all the pictures have been categorized or segregated based on date or preference of users (in the Album view).

Camera being one of the most-loved apps in iOS 8, users were in no mood to let go of the camera roll. The best thing about it is that you can get to your favourite photo quickly.

iOS 8.1 launches on Monday (October 20th). Users who are on iOS 8 will be able to upgrade via Settings -> General -> Software Update.

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iCloud Photo Library Public Beta Coming Out Too

Users will also be able to test out a public beta of iCloud Photo Library . You can now store tons of photos on the iCloud with more convenience than ever before. So, you have this opportunity to check out how it really works.

The first 5GB of photo storage is free (this is apart from the default free 5GB you get with your iCloud account). Above this limit, you will have to pay $0.99 per month for 20GB, $3.99 per month for 200GB and so on. Tiers available only up to 1 TB.

Besides this, iOS 8.1 will also feature updates to the iWork suite.

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As a word of caution: whenever Apple releases a new firmware update, it’s best to wait a little while (a couple of days or more) to check out how the update has panned out for other users. Sometimes, huge issues crop up.