CallsFreeCalls (CFC) is an iPhone app that users with free or inexpensive data packs will fall in love with. CFC enables its users to make voice calls to domestic as well as international destinations without having to spend a penny of their talk time. In addition, it also provides free texting to any destination without any limits to how much you can text. The app is compatible with iPhone as well as iPads and undoubtedly will halve if not reduce your telephone bills to a bare minimum.

Users can start using the application by directly downloading it. CFC is a perfect substitute for any free SMS or voice over internet call functioning app. When compared to other third party apps of similar nature CFC fares extraordinarily in voice clarity. The app works perfectly even when the signal strength is weak. With CFC staying in touch with your near and dear will become easier and inexpensive too.

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Make Free International Calls with CallsFreeCalls

How does CFC work?

CFC takes advantage of the power of internet and Wi-Fi technology. iPhone users with 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity can use the app to making and receiving calls as well as for sending and receiving text messages. The app plays advertisements of its sponsor companies before the calls or messages are being relayed for transmission.

Earning and using reward points

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  • Users of the app earn reward points for watching the ads which in turn can be redeemed as talk time for voice calling or SMS.
  • A user who signs up the app for the first time will be awarded with 30 starting bonuses which are sufficient for international calls and texting.
  • Additional points can be earned by regular top ups of the bonus score. Video advertisements, completing surveys, downloading related apps, etc. earn more bonus points which users can redeem against calls and messaging.
  • The points can be used for making calls to any number irrespective of being mobile or landline numbers.
  • The simple and minimalistic design is also easy to use without any complications or ambiguity.

Users who do not have the time for advertisements do not have to worry as points can also be purchased directly from the app store (in-app purchase).

The app can be downloaded for free which comes with limited bonus points. Upon exhausting the free bonus point’s users can purchase more points at $1.99 for 200 bonuses, $4.99 for 500 bonuses and $9.99 for 1000 bonuses.


  • Totally free app. You can download and get started asap.
  • Easy to make calls or send texts. No hoops.
  • “View-ads-to-earn-bonus-points” is implemented in a very simple way


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  • Interface requires a lot of improvement

Price: Free
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