Important Update: Call Recorder was pulled out from the ModMyi repo and then it is now back again as Audio Recorder. Visit this post here for information on the iPhone call recording tweak.

Recording a call may be legal or illegal in your part of the world but if you’re even feebly interested in call recorders on your iPhone, the doors might be just opening up in a short time.

Elias Limneos, an iOS/Cydia developer, has actually released Call Recorder which records calls on your iPhone 5/4S. The tweak has been sent to BigBoss for approval and subsequent upload to the repo.

Ryan Petrich has been tweeting about a similar tweak that he’s developing. I was actually waiting for it but it looks like Elias raced him to it. It’s a healthy competition although the pricing is something that we’ll have to look at.

The Call Recorder Cydia tweak by Elias is priced at $3.99. The tweak is compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S only due to audio codecs and support. All older devices wouldn’t be supported.

Users can either wait for the Call Recorder to come up on BigBoss or you can add Elias’s repo to start using Call Recorder.

Here’s How to Get Call Recorder Cydia Tweak:

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add
  • Type:
  • Add the repo (Add Source)
  • Now look for Call Recorder in Cydia search or just tap on the newly added repo to install the tweak.

Call Recorder Cydia Tweak

Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S only.

  • On the iPhone 5, speaker and receiver recording.
  • On the iPhone 4S, speaker only.

There are a couple of things to note:

  1. Call Recorder will notify the other person that the call is being recorded. It’s illegal, in many countries, to record a phone call without both the parties knowing about it. Hence the feature.
  2. Call Recorder records the calls and dumps the files directly on your iPhone. There’s no data transfer (hence no internet required) and the recorded calls aren’t tapped in any way. It looks clean and safe.

  • fabio

    hello , where the calls are saved one recorded ?? thank u

  • bdone

    How do you manually start a recording. And where does it put the recordings. This is the vaguest tweak I’ve ever seen, but I have to try it out.

  • msqr

    Cydia doesn’t recognize the URL for me :( what can I do? I really need this…

    • the thing has been discontinued, unfortunately. :(
      thanks for the heads up.

      • msqr

        wow… discontinued in 5 days? I would’ve loved to have it.

  • eamel

    Just bought a license but the thing keeps telling me I should buy a license. Somehow it feels i’m fooled. ;-)

    • Hi! Contact Elias directly. He responds to support q fast.

      • Doug Kearney

        what`s his email?

    • Doug Kearney

      just paid for it today and it doesn’t work!!!