Calio Calendar App for iPhone

Calio iPhone Calendar App

Proper planning is the key to the success of any big event. Hence, it always pays to put some extra effort into the preparation. But it’s easier said than done!

While exploring some of the finest personal calendars for iOS, I recently stumbled upon Calio—a personal calendar app. It attracted me as a simple yet very functional event planner. There are some of the features, which I have found really appreciable in this app.

The first thing that has caught my eyes in this personal calendar is the neat user-interface, which feels quite familiar right from the word go. The uncluttered interface means you won’t require spending a lot of time mastering its features. Besides, it allows you to create events, keep a tab on them and ensure everyone feels onboard for the big bash!

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Create Events In A Jiffy

Creating events is pretty straightforward in this app. You can easily select the preferred location of the event and invite your friends. Upload a befitting photo for the event and also add a compelling message to it.

Create Event with Calio iPhone App

Oh yes, there is also an option to select event type. If you wish to keep the event more personal, select Private. Just in case, you want to let everyone join the merrymaking, select Public.

Voting for the Venue

Another impressive feature of the app is the voting system. So, if you happen to like any venue and want to make sure your friends appreciate this as well, conduct voting on it. And if the majority of your friends prefer it, select that place.

This is an ideal way to ensure everyone likes a particular venue for the party. The app makes it pretty straightforward to let every member of the group vote for the venue.

The voting system takes away a lot of stress as you don’t have to spend time in searching for the places that your friends would find more convenient or exciting. Apart from saving plenty of your time, it also provides everyone a chance to select their preferred venue.

Special Event Chat

To me, the biggest highlight of this calendar app is the special chat for each event. Hence, you are able to stay connected with your friends and communicate with them without any hassle at all. With the availability of tons of funny emojis, you can bring plenty of fun into the play.

Calio iPhone App Event Chat

As an owner of any event, this is exactly what you would want to make sure you are connected with every member of the group or instantly send an important message to all of your friends right from the app. Thus you don’t need to create any group conversation using WhatsApp or any other messaging app for it.

Keep Track of Events

Once you have created an event, you can keep track of it with ease. You will be able to quickly find out who has joined in, who is out and who is still undecided to join the bandwagon.

What if you want to make some changes to it? Well, the app ensures you are able to comfortably edit the event. For instance, you can change the date, time and even the place of the bash at any time you want.

And just in case, you don’t want to organize the party for any reason, you also have the option to cancel it.

Price and Availability

Calio is absolutely free, and you can access all of its features without any hindrance. It supports iPhone, and iPod Touch running iOS 9 or later.

Don’t Miss Out on This Lightweight and Smart Calendar and Event Planner App

Calio is dead simple and works elegantly as a calendar and event planner. Should you wish to plan your party to perfection; ensuring you have the much-needed command to keep an eye on the scheduled bash and have everything in control, it’s worth serious consideration.

As the personal calendar is available for free, I would recommend you to give the app a try on your iOS device and let us know your feedback about it.

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