Cabin iPhone 5-5s Battery Case

There might come a time when your iPhone and your MacBook will both have MagSafe-compatible charging docks (Apple’s getting there), and your charging cables will all look similar.

Turns out someone already got there and how! The cabin is a fabulous-looking iPhone battery pack with a twist: it plugs into the lightning dock “magnetically” and comes with a design which aims to keep the iPhone handy.

Cabin iPhone 5-5s Battery Case

Sleek, Aluminium Battery Case

The cabin is like any other iPhone battery case sans all the misgivings. To begin with, it’s supposedly light, made of aluminum. The promos show people using the Cabin iPhone battery case, and it just looks like it’s light-weight enough to be very comfortable.

Cabin Aluminium Battery Case for iPhone 5-5s

The cabin also claims that it’s one of the thinnest but anything a mm thicker than the iPhone 5s/5 will easily seem to add bulk (spacially, if not by mass). Because most battery cases are bulky enough already, Cabin’s a good contender for the thinnest title.

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The Cool Magnetic Micro Adapter

But the coolest thing about Cabin is not the battery case (which, by specs, is cool enough already). It’s the magnetic connection that impresses me (and many others) more.

Cabin Battery Case for iPhone 5-5s

Almost all the battery cases in the market have a lighting-compatible dock attached to them. Not Cabin. Cabin’s battery case features a MagSafe-like port. And you have this MicroAdapter that you connect to your iPhone’s Lightning port. Now, you can easily connect/disconnect your iPhone to the Cabin battery case. Since the connection is magnetic, you don’t have to worry about anything: ranging from broken docks/ports to connection issues.

The MagSafe-like connection is definitely a fantastic thing for iPhone.

A Complete Package, Actually

Cabin package also comes with a MagAdapter to which you connect the Lightning cable. This is so that you don’t have to remove the MicroAdapter ever from your iPhone. MicroAdapter is, by itself, negligibly thin enough so that you can always have it attached to the Lightning port on your iPhone.

There’s also a dock that comes along. It’s designed in an Apple-esque way, very minimal.

Battery spec:

Cabin’s battery case has a capacity of 2200mAh. That’s a few notches over most iPhone battery cases (avg is about 1500-1700mAh). This means you get about 130% more battery-time, according to their Kickstarter info page. Cabin promises about 2.3x more time with your iPhone.

All-in-all, Cabin looks cool, and it does seem to work like a champ. If you’re going out on tours, camping or explorations that will keep you away from a charging port, Cabin looks like the best companion for your iPhone.

Check out Cabin at Kickstarter