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Buzz Messenger iPhone App

There are tons of popular social networking apps such as, Facebook, WhatsApp. All of them have their own speciality that separates each one of them from others. It’s the uniqueness to stand from the rest that makes a creation different and famous among users.

While searching thorough App Store, I stumbled upon a very useful social networking app called Buzz Messenger. This app provides an excellent integration of your iPhone, email contacts and Facebook contacts in one app. Apart from letting you chat with your friends in personal and group, it allows you to do some interesting things which will spice up your messaging. Here is more to it.

Schedule Message

Buzz Messenger allows you to send schedule message. Supposing you wish to send your friend a message but you feel that it’s too late now and hence want to send it tomorrow or at a particular time, you can do so with this app.

There are so many people who tend to forget important events. In that case, you can compose a text or photo or audio & video message as per your wish and schedule it to be sent at a particular time.

You can send schedule message in personal or group chat. The message will be delivered at the exact time you have set!

Buzz Messenger iPhone and iPad App

Self Destruct Message

This is a very impressive feature of this app. If you don’t want your sent message to be there in the receiver’s device for a long time, you can self destruct it by scheduling the exact time for it.

Sometimes, people chat with their friends and share some personal things. In that case, self destructing a messaging can be a good idea. Just set after how much time you want the message to be deleted from recipient’s device and leave the rest to it!

The good thing is, you can self destruct both personal and group message.

Facebook Calendar

Buzz Messenger lets you synchronize your Facebook events. As a result, you can schedule message and send it to your Facebook friends. You message will be delivered on the event day. So many times people forget to congratulate their friends on their birthdays or important events. Therefore, it can be nice to make the most of this feature.

Download Buzz Messenger For Free

Buzz Messager can be exactly the app you would like to have to make your communication more mobile. If you wish to experience a new way of communicating with your friends, it can be worth to give a look. It’s available for free to download from App Store.

Note: Currently it seems that Buzz Messenger is in beta and contains too many bugs and hence is unable to function at all. As it has just launched and still quite new, we can expect it to be rectified by the developer sooner than later.

Price: Free


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