The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 looks stunning. With aerial camera to let you capture video while flying, self-righting algorithm and sensors for 360-degree flips, it is equipped to provide you utmost fun of flying a drone. You can grab this remote-controlled flier at just $79.99 at a handsome discount of 46%. Click here to get the deal right now.

The Extreme Micro Drone is originally priced at $139 but it is available at 46% off for the readers of It spots a unique camera for both videography and photography functions with a swivelling lens in order to capture all angles. Though you will have to speed up to seize this exclusive offer as the deal is only for a few days.

The Extreme Micro Drone 2-0

Throw it into the air any way you desire-upside down or any angle, the self-righting algorithm and sensors will quickly stabilize it back at its best horizontal flying position. You can fly this quad-rotor helicopter indoors and outdoors since it doesn't suffer stability issues regardless of wind.


#1. Range up to 400 feet (2.4GHZ Transmitter.)

#2. Weighs just over an ounce.

#3. Perform 360-degree flips.

#4. 4 spare blades and a mini screwdriver for attaching the camera.

#5. Aerial camera.

#6. Durable.

#7. USBĀ rechargeable battery.

#8. Camera for both Videography and Photography

If you are looking for an advanced R/C toy with amazing features, it is exactly what you would love to have. Unlike other quad-rotor helicopters, it is available at an affordable price. Besides, it is durable enough to last long.

Make the most of flying drone with great delight with this fast-forward stunt flier. It boasts of all the qualities of an elegant quad-rotor helicopter. Though you need to hurry up to grab it as the deal may last only a few days from now.

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