The NES30 Bluetooth Controller lets you spice up your gaming with exhilarating fun. The USB connectivity, two additional action buttons and two shoulder buttons make the controller compatible with many different games. In today's iGeeksblog deal, it is available at just $29.99 at 25% off.

Aside from working quite well with iOS and Android games compatible with physical inputs, it tremendously works with retro emulators as well as Nintendo Wii. The graphic design printed on the back mimics the original NES gamepad design.

NES30 Bluetooth Game Controller

The Bluetooth controller comes with a rechargeable battery which can go over 20 hours per charge. The reprogrammable keys, high quality buttons and excellent D-pad bring a new dimension into play. The unique NES look is fascinating enough to charm you.


  •  NES Design.
  • High-quality buttons and perfect D-pad.
  • Multiplayer support.
  • Reprogrammable keys.
  • Rechargeable battery with 20 over hours per charge.
  • USB connectivity.

The Bluetooth controller is originally priced at $40. However, readers can get it at 25% discount. It’s a great bargain at just under $30. The controller has the quality to make your gaming an unbeatable joy. You, however, will have to hurry up, if you wish to grab this offer as it will last only a few days from now.

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LithiumCard AIR At Only $39.99: The Hyper Charger With Unbeatable Quality

LithiumCard AIR Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank for iPhone and iPad

If you are hunting for a charger that can handsomely meet your high expectation providing all the features you want to charge your device amazingly fast, Lithium Card AIR will do so with élan. With the help of hypercharging technology, it generates up to 2 amps of power in order to charge your device fast at up to 1% of battery life per minute. In today’s exclusive deal only for the readers of, it is available at only $39.99 at 33% off.

The LithiumCard AIR (originally priced at $60) has all the cables you would want. It is at only five credit cards thick and designed to fit most wallets with its billet aluminum housing. Only 15 minutes of charging can equal a 15% increase in battery power. That’s how fast this hypercharger is! Though you need to speed up a bit, if you wish to grab it as the deal is for a limited time.

The charger comes with 1200 mAh battery capacity. Due to intuitive design, all the cables remain inside inclusively. They flip out when you need them. It is equipped to charge your device and LithiumCard simultaneously. The NanoStik pad helps it in remaining stuck with your device if needed.


  • Up to 2 amps of charging power.
  • All inclusive cable design,
  • NanoStik pad,
  • 1200mAh battery capacity.
  • Ultra-thin credit card design.
  • Pure “nero” color finish,

The charger has packed in advanced technology to juice up your device with hyper speed. It is made to meet your high expectation with ultra-thin design and up to 2 amps charging power. The pure nero color finish gives it an attractive look as well.

If you are in quest of an ultra-portable charger with amazing charging speed, it is the most efficient you can get. Taking all the features into account, it is a handsome deal which you can cash in on. As the deal is only for a few days, you will have to rush a bit to grab it.

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