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bthere Group Location Sharing App Chat with Friends, and Earn Handsome Rewards

Necessity is the mother of inventions. When you face some dire consequences of your actions, you regret and wish you had better stayed inactive. But we are humans, and we cannot just settle peacefully. Socializing is one of our primary needs. However, when you socialize virtually, you naturally invite some miscreants to take advantage of your loneliness and ignorance. A perfect answer to fend off such menaces is bthere.

When Ben Johanson, Founder, and CEO of bthere, came to know about a sexual assault of his loved one, he was shaken. But he didn’t take law in his hands; instead, he responded smartly by developing an app that helps people socializing in the real world. Aptly, the app christened bthere, which shares the location of people in their group or circles. Thus, the app ensures the safety of its users. Apart from its elementary services of security and socializing, the app gained momentum for another reason: rewards. Read the full review of bthere and make sincere efforts to remain safe and keep others protected.

bthere: Group Location Sharing App for iPhone

bthere inspires users to hang out with people in the real world. Once you download the app on your iPhone, you can create circles of your friends and colleagues. Next, share group locations to make sure the safety, and when you get together, earn rewards.

Group Location Sharing

bthere Group Location Sharing App for iPhone

Never stay alone. This is the idea behind bthere. Whenever you find yourself alone, check the app and chat with your group or circle. For example, when you are traveling single, you can ask your friends (or find new) to join you on the trip.

Even if you need an extra pair of hands for walking home, you can use bthere. A person from your private circle will accompany you, and both will get rewards for spending time together. The purpose is to spend more time in the real world than staying behind the screens. Since it is rewarding to hang out face to face, people like to go out and meet others.


Ben was particularly interested in the safety of women, and therefore, he added the SOS button and location tracking features in the app. Users of bthere rely on each other to stay safe. According to Ben, “bthere is about connecting with each other and being there for each other in real life.” This means some people can lend a helping hand quickly.

“The company is on a mission to increase bystander intervention and prevent sexual assault by encouraging people to spend time together in real life.” Apart from group messaging and location tracking, bthere also offers battery life management features.


bthere Group Messaging App for iPhone

It is good to be social. Especially when you get rewards to spend time with your friends and family. Users get rewards on an hourly basis. Hence, the more time you spend, the more rewards you get. Next, you can redeem your rewards at bthere shops.

nthere allows you to create permanent private circles or temporary, 24-hour circles. You can always modify your location permissions from the Settings of this app. Your chosen groups of friends are called ‘circles.’ This makes meet-up with friends more convenient. You would love to use in-app messaging, which can send images, GIFs, and reactions to friends’ messages.

A notable feature of this app is that it allows you to view the battery life status of your friends’ devices. In case your friends’ iPhones are running on a low battery, you can help them by bringing a power bank or a battery case.


bthere App for friends Chatting and Earn Rewards

Who would like to turn down such an irresistible offer? Getting rewards for hanging out with friends! That is bthere for you. Keep your eyes on the leaderboard, where you can see daily and weekly scoring circles. And you also get to know the highest-scoring circles. You can redeem your virtual coins at bthere shop, which includes discounts at local retailers and custom bthere gear.

What more can you ask for?

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It’s your turn to bthere…

bthere is the first social media app that inspires you to connect in the real world. With a noble cause, the app is your virtual security guard when you are all alone. In the words of Ben Johanson, “We want to help transform technology back into just the tool that brings us together in person by making it easier to stay connected, not the place we spend most of our time. The more that humans are inspired and enabled to connect with each other and understand each other in real life, the more kind and empathetic our world can be.”

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