Music is indispensable part of our everyday life. We listen to music at home, at work, in a car, in cafes, gyms, etc. Thanks to mobile phones and portable MP3 players, we can play music non-stop, at any time, in any place. Still sometimes, we get tired to listen to one and the same playlist and start browsing top charts to get new song ideas. For iPhone owners, it is no longer a problem to find new music, since there exist a great deal of music discovery apps. Here is the roundup of the most popular apps, which let get fresh music tracks in a hassle-free way.

Best iPhone Music Apps

Best Music Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Spotify

Spotify Music iPhone App IconSpotify is not only a great way to listen to legal music on iPhone, but also a nice music discovery tool. It integrates with most social media to collect all your music interests in one place and make relevant music suggestions. Spotify lets you stream tracks for free and download for money. Besides, here you can create playlists in collaboration with your friends using drag-and-drop window.

Price: Free
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#2. Deezer

Deezer Music iPhone App IconWith Deezer, you can discover and listen to more than 35 million tracks on demand. You can then create and share your playlists with your friends and get song recommendations from Deezer Music Experts. And it is also the very music app for getting lyrics to songs!

Price: Free
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#3. Pandora

Pandora Radio iPhone App IconPandora is an online radio, which composes the playlist basing on the artist you type. It helps you to discover tracks to listen to and then collects your negative or positive feedback not to make mistakes anymore. Unfortunately, similar to its web version, this iOS app is available only in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. So users from other countries have to choose some other alternative from this list.

Price: Free
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#4. Shazam 

Shazam iPhone App IconShazam is a very special music discovery app. It lets you identify any song heard on TV or radio, only if you just turn your iPhone to the music source. It hears every song playing and tells you its name and a lot of data about. It completely erases the horrible story when you hear the song and don’t know then where to find it.

Price: Free
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# 5. MP3Box

Shazam iPhone App IconMP3Box is an iOS version of popular desktop music player from Freemake. The app lets stream music for free and compose playlists with your favorites. Besides, you are welcome to watch official music clips from YouTube. For music discovery, type hashtags like #bestof10years, #rock, #trend and get tons of free and new music to listen to and enjoy!

Price: Free
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#6. Discovr

Discovr iPhone App IconDiscovr is just like a music map, but on your smartphone. As you understand from the name – it’s a pure music discovery app made for 2015! In a visually great manner it offers you similar to your taste searches and gives artists’ names to explore. No wonder that the name is so colorful, as it even lists artists’ biographies.

Price: $3.99
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#7. TuneIn 

TuneIn Radio iPhone App IconTuneIn is a customizable radio app, where you can tune your own music feed and, therefore, explore new channels and songs. This radio app and the respective web service are totally free and rich in features, so you are welcome to browse world-famous radio channels and explore new songs and trends.

Price: Free
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#8. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio iPhone App IconiHeartRadio listens to your heart and preferences. With the help of specific units, it lets you explore “for you” stations, “favorites” and “perfect for” that very mood. Ideal for everyone searching for a perfect radio station.

Price: Free
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#9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud iPhone App IconSoundCloud offers a wide collection of trending audio tracks for streaming. Just enter a tag like #techno, #epic, and you’ll get best music suggestions for you. Easy social sharing lets you interact with your friends, when the rich database provides you with all the necessary information on the required singer or band.

Price: Free
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#10. SoundHound

SoundHound iPhone App IconSoundHound is the music-recognizing app, which not only identifies the song, but also gives the opportunity to download it to any app, which allows downloading. Besides, it brings real-time updates from your favorite artists, so you will always keep up with the trends.

Price: Free
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#11. 8tracks

8tracks playlist radio iPhone App Icon8tracks makes it easier to create long playlists for workouts, parties or some other purposes based on your music tastes. You can choose from a cloud of keywords the most suitable one and then listen to suggested tracks non-stop.

Price: Free
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# 12. Songza

Songza iPhone App IconSongza has already created suitable playlists for every situation. Your business is only to make a choice. With it, you can explore music genres, trending songs and good old music collections, which are also assembled on Songza website.

Price: Free
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#13. SoundWave

Soundwave iPhone App IconSoundWave is a network for music fans. On this social media channel, you create a profile and it captures and adds to your personal page all the songs you stream on SoundCloud and YouTube. Like magic.

Price: Free
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# 14. BandCamp

Bandcamp iPhone App IconBandCamp is great for listening to new music releases and getting the freshest data about them. It lets listen to the whole set of tracks from the album without any time or number limitations.

Price: Free
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#15. Hype Machine

Hype Machine iPhone App IconHype Machine is a very special app as it analyzes what music is talked about and delivers it to your headphones. If some trending music blogger has written about a song, you are sure to know it now.

Price: $3.99
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If you want to discover new music on your Windows PC, try Free MP3jam. This is a great tool to find new music based on your mood, favorite genre, artisits, etc. Just use the hashtags: #rock, #relax, #1980s, etc. You may listen to the songs online or download as MP3 to further transfer tracks to your iPhone.