Kickstarter doesn’t fail to disappoint if you want to find unique ideas turning into insanely useful products. The Bpen Stylus-Stand for iPhone/iPad (and other smartphones too) is one perfect example of what a little out-of-the-box thinking can do.

If you could have a pen that doubles up as a stylus for your iPad – and then also as a stand for both iPhones and iPads – how useful would it be? That’s what Bpen is all about: a smart way to hold your iPhone/iPad for all those FaceTime/Skype calls and videos while also letting you do creative things on the iPad with a  stylus.

BPen Stylus and Stand for iPhone and iPad

A Stylus And a Pen
The Bpen looks just like a regular pen (and it is very much so). You can actually use the pen to write on notepads. But it’s also a stylus that works on iPads, iPhones and other smartphones/tablets. A clockwise switch pushes the nib out of the touch-base so you can use it as a pen. Pull it in and your touch-stylus is ready.

How good is the stylus? How responsive/sensitive is it over iPhones and iPads? We’ll have to wait for the products to hit the review stands before we can know about that but by the looks of it, the Bpen looks solid and good enough for routine usage.

If you have fat fingers that occasionally spoil gaming on the iPad or the iPhone, or even routine typing, you might find that a stylus is a great solution. And the Bpen looks awesome that way.

A Stand too!
Bpen Stylus for iPad and iPhone That Doubles up as a KickstandBpen An iPhone and iPad Stylus that Doubles Up as a Stand and a PenBut the Bpen doesn’t stop at that. I don’t know if you should call this ingenious or slightly dislocated from that but you can use Bpen as a stand for the iPhone and even the iPad: and it makes use of the headphone jack!

A pen plugging into iPhone’s headphone jack to prop it up for a FaceTime call definitely sounds strange but it works. Effectively at that. The soft touch becomes the base for the pen – which keeps the iPhone/iPad stable.

There’s also a separate aluminum base if you want additional support like in the car.

Besides Bpen, the folks behind the product are also producing the Bpen Key Holder which is a touch-pen (only) that functions as a key holder too. Fancy thing but can be pretty useful both to secure your keys in one place and have a ready stylus for the iPhone/iPad.

Needs Your Funding.
Bpen needs your funding to become a real mass-produced product. It’s one of those multi-functional products for iPhone/iPad that is available for a decent price. People who fund upwards of $25 get a Bpen (with two refills) in March 2014.

Check out their Kickstarter Project page.