Boximize: The Finest Note-taking iPhone App We’ve Used Recently

If you could fuse together a note-taking app, a to-do list app, a reminders list, an organizer/productivity app and make something stunning out of it, you’ll end up with Boximize.

Created by two ex-Microsoft folks, Boximize is one of the coolest apps I’ve used to date. It’s cook because it makes things enormously simple and it has an exhaustive list of templates to start from. Be it taking down notes or creating a to-do list, managing contacts/business cards or shopping lists, tracking inventory or time/billing, Boximize has it all.

Boximize was launched about a week ago. You’d probably see a lot of reviews talking about it as a “structured” organizer, note-taking app. But it’s actually more than that. A few good folks have tried to talk extensively about Boximize but the exhaustive template of the app makes it hard to classify it into any one particular type of an app or even describe it completely.

I’d go out on a limb and say that Boximize is for almost everyone. It has 27 templates (shown below) that you can start from. The templates cover a huge variety of lists: from movies to events, from trackers to inventory, from contact cards to recipe lists and whatnot. In my week of using Boximize, I felt that it pretty much has templates for every single requirement you’d have. Every little thing you’d want to note down, there’s a template that you can start from.

Boximize App TemplatesBrilliant, Easy Organization
Boximize is mighty organized. It’s so powerfully organized that noting down anything should be a breeze. Here’s a sample use case: I used to note down recipes in the Notes app. This was easy but the result was cumbersome. I had to comb through large swaths of text just to recreate a recipe. In the Boximize app, you create a Recipe list from the template. One tap and you get to add information in an organized way: name of the dish, photos, preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, servings, category etc. show up and you just have to tap on each to add the information for the respective field.

The same goes for all 27 information categories that Boximizer packs into the app. I can’t stress the importance of this automation because this is where our usual note-taking takes a dive and spins out of control. Organization.

Templates, Forms, Freedom
The templates and the forms are for quickly adding information. From movie collections to tracking your workout regimen (or expenses), you can get started in a fraction of a second. But the developers did not stop with that.

Boximize comes with a lot of form-fields that make up the data-fields in all the templates. Boximize allows you to create a new template from 20 different data types (text, number, date, slider, stopwatch, location, checkbox etc.) But even more importantly, it lets you add any of these 20 data fields to existing templates just in case you need to add more information.

Boximize App Features

Passcode Lock, Sort, Search etc.
There are a lot more features within the app. For instance, there is a handy search feature for each list you create. You can also sort them based on template-sensitive field type. And most interestingly, you can lock down the app’s data behind a passcode. This passcode works independently of the iOS passcode.

Boximize App Passcode Lock SettingsIf you’ve ever used a to-do list app, or a note-taking app, you’ll hopefully find that Boximize is far superior: it’s faster, more organized, richer and a truly versatile app. At the time of writing this, Boximize was chosen by Apple as the Best (New) App in Productivity.

Boximize costs $4.99 but for a limited time, it’s up for $1.99. We’re definitely recommending it despite feeling that $4.99 is a bit high.

Boximize does not feature cloud support but we hear that the devs are working on it. We hope to see cloud sync and backup features added in upcoming versions. That would make it a totally worthy app.

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