Folks at Twelve South are known for their BookBook cases for iPhone and iPad. Most recently, they came out with the BookBook Travel Journal – a unique backpack that doubles up as an iPad carry bag while carrying a handful of other things like earphones, chargers, iPhone and more.

It’s one of those exquisite accessories that are fantastic in design, function and the “style quotient”. The BookBook Travel Journal lets you carry your iPad / iPad mini along with a lot of accessories associated with (and pens, notebooks or papers etc.) easily. If you are a fan of the BookBook series of products, you’ll be pretty amazed by what this backpack can do.

BookBook Travel Journal for iPhone and iPad Review

A review from 9to5Mac notes that the Travel Journal weighs lightly. Book-like cases aren’t usually light unless they’re made of something other than leather. The BookBook Travel Journal seems to break this trend by being enormously light. That marks a smart move because when you’re carrying some of those accessories, the pack can get quite heavy. But if you think of the trend that Apple seems to have adopted recently – going lighter by every product – it looks like Twelve South took a very smart decision.

BookBook Travel Journal for iPhone

But it’s not just the weight that matters. The Travel Journal can fit a lot of stuff in. From earphones to headphones, from those 5W chargers for your iPhone to chargers for the iPad Air, and a few other things like pens, paper, a battery pack or a pen drive, cables etc. It fits the bill if “the iPad is the largest device you carry.” You can pretty much fit every other thing associated with an iPad into it.

BookBook Travel Journal for iPad

The backpack has a small pouch-like construction where your iPhone 5/5s or iPod 5th gen would fit neatly. Of course, that makes it an ideal spot for any other iPhone or iPod too.

The backpack is designed to fit the iPad snugly. You can slip in an iPad mini (or mini with retina display) too. But in both cases, you’d have to remove any case that your iPad wears. That includes Apple’s smart case cover.

When you close the BookBook Travel Journal, it resembles almost perfectly, an old Encyclopedia you picked up from the library. All of their BookBook products have that resemblance and this one, more so.

The BookBook Travel Journal is not for you if you are looking for a standalone iPad case. You can check out Snugg’s iPad case for that. The BookBook Travel Journal is for you if you want a backpack that carries just iPad (and iPad-related stuff), but which does not become a full-fledged backpack. It’s for traveling light and easy while being able to carry a lot of things.

The Travel Journal costs $99.99. Check out more pics and details here.

Buy the BookBook Travel Journal here.