Antique always casts a spell that’s enchanting. And BookBook cases have always had that distinct look that no other case maker has been able to nail. BookBook cases for the iPhone and iPad are well-known masterpieces of craftsmanship and an acknowledgement to the beauty of old.

So, when we heard that BookBook case for iPhone 5 is out for sale, we couldn’t help pouring ourselves all over the place to take a look at the case, the specs, the images, and other specifics.

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BookBook Case for iPhone 5THE BookBook iPhone 5/5s Case Is For…


Quite apparently, the case appeals not to everyone but it definitely has a very strong attraction for those of us who love antique things. The old, slightly dilapidated look on the case resembles that encyclopedia on one of the top shelves of a library.


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You get an additional layer of protection in the form of a disguise. Sitting on a table, BookBook for iPhone 5 looks like a small journal, not an expensive phone and wallet. How’s that for stealthy protection?

That wasn’t exactly a joke but you get the idea, right? Besides this additional layer of protection (disguise), BookBook case for the iPhone 5 also brings a very neat and simple layer of protection from dust, scratches and occasionally, accidental bumps. The leather case is crafted to perfection, aimed at keeping the iPhone 5 very safe if not very cozy.


It’s the best iPhone 5 case you can have, if you’re looking for multi-purpose cases for your smartphone. BookBook iPhone 5 case can carry your cards, some cash and your iPhone 5 making it versatile in a way. The case doesn’t add bulk much more than you’d expect it to. Most leather cases are bulky anyway. BookBook’s specialty lies in the fact that the case is designed in an Apple-esque way without resembling anything close to Apple.

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The case ships for $59.99 – not a hefty price for a versatile and ultra-popular leather case. You can by BookBook case from Twelvesouth official website.

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Twelve South, the company that produces BookBook has an interesting story behind the startup engine. They were covered by Kiplinger and even by Forbes.