Apple Likely to Add New OLED Supplier in its Kitty

DigiTimes reports that Apple is planning to expand its list of OLED suppliers; BOE Technology is the latest OLED manufacturer in Apple’s kitty.

News of Apple’s expansion of OLED suppliers follows hard on the heels of rumors that the tech giant is likely to release four iPhones in 2020.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is planning to add BOE Technology to its list of OLED display suppliers. This decision to strengthen its OLED suppliers’ list has taken to avoid any shortage of displays. Notably, Japan has restricted exports of fluorinated polyimides to Korea, which might affect the manufacturing of OLED panels at Samsung Display.

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BOE Technology to Supply OLED Displays to Apple

DigiTimes reports, “Fluorine polyimides are used in the production of OLED screens for TVs and smartphones. Japan also tightened shipments of photoresist and hydrogen fluoride to Korea. The two materials are used for making semiconductors.”

The report also reveals that Samsung is facing delay in the production of its Galaxy Fold as Japan has restricted exports of colorless polyimide (CPI) films. This colorless polyimide is an essential material in producing flexible OLED screens.

Small and medium-sized OLED panel market is primarily dominated by Samsung and LG Display by 90% and 95% respectively; LG rules the large-size OLED TV segment. In this scenario, if the production of the OLED panel is hampered at two Korean firms, it will influence the shipments of devices using OLED displays.

BOE Technology is making progress in full swing as it has also signed a contract with Huawei to supply OLED panels. BOE is likely to start commercial operations of B11 fab at the end of 2019 and B12 fab in 2020; the company’s focus will remain flexible OLED displays.

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Readers should note that rumors and reports from DigiTimes have been hit-and-miss. You should double-check the authenticity of such reports. At the same time, DigiTimes stories make some sense as they support information already disseminating in the market.

Earlier, it was reported that Apple’s iPhone 11 wouldn’t have 3D Touch feature, which was first introduced in iPhone 6s. This press-sensitive feature was Apple’s selling point after its phenomenal success – iPhone 6.

Do you think Apple will launch all its future iPhones with OLED displays?

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