Apple Sells One Drop Blood Glucose Monitor at Retail Outlets

From its earlier image of a fashion icon to the most reliable healthcare accessory, Apple Watch has come of age. The latest Series 4 of Apple’s smartwatch boasts two life-saving features: ECG and Fall Detection. And to surprise you more, Apple adds One Drop blood glucose monitor to its kitty.

Now the brand’s retail stores will display this blood glucose monitor, which boasts beautiful design. Notably, health is one of the areas where Apple can improve a lot, and it is Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind.

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One Drop Glucose Monitor: Available At Apple Retail Stores

Like other Apple health accessories, the blood glucose monitor will connect to the iPhone and Apple Watch. The monitor is unique with its more advanced health features than other products.

Apple is seriously pursuing its goal to increase the focus on health as the tech giant is stocking One Drop. Apart from a third-party glucose monitor, Apple is reportedly working on its own blood glucose monitoring product.

If you want to buy One Drop, it is available at Apple’s physical stores; Apple sells this kit at $69.95 and includes a year of free coaching.

Speaking to CNBC, Jeff Dachis, CEO of OneDrop says, “I believe that Apple’s perspective on consumerized, data-driven self-care is where the industry is going to be pulled to, versus the expensive, bureaucratic, not-data driven current healthcare system.”

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Jeff also adds, “Our ability to align ourselves with that, and help drive that story, is what we see as the benefit of working with Apple.”

Users can use One Drop monitor anywhere; the readings will be synced in the Apple Health app. Based on your blood glucose readings, One Drop app gives you a nearly accurate future blood glucose report and suggest how to counteract any rise or fall in blood glucose.

What other health products do you wish to see from Apple in the future?

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