BLOC Apple Watch Power Bank: Available in Seven Variants

Now you can charge your Apple Watch just like your iPhone while you are on the go. Here is an awesome new power bank for Apple Watch. BLOC is one of the foremost manufacturers of Apple accessories, and this power bank is latest in their kitty.

The sleek and elegant power bank comes in seven different materials viz. Gold, Marble, Rose Gold, Silver Aluminium, Space Gray Aluminium, Wood, and Stainless Steel. Before you place an order for yourself, check out its features and specifications.

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Apple Watch Power Bank from Boost Case

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Powerful Battery

It has presented a solid power bank that boasts a powerful battery; the 2000mAh lithium polymer battery provides four full recharges to your watch. Now you can explore the unexplored with your Apple Watch without worrying on battery consumption.

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Wireless Charging

If you don’t like your desk clumsy and unorganized, this BLOC power bank helps you a lot. Since it provides 100% wireless charging solution, this power bank keeps your desk cord-free and computers port-free. Recharge your Apple Watch battery 4 times with this powerful power bank.


Super sleek and chic design grabs your attention on first sight. The BLOC power bank boasts ultra-slim 10mm design that makes your desktop unassumingly smart. With this power bank, you can create a highly professional aura around your work station.

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When style meets content, you get only the best. The case in point is BLOC’s premium designed power bank that is available in excellent variants. The power bank can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of your office with its seven different materials like Gold, Marble, Rose Gold, Silver Aluminium, Space Gray Aluminium, Wood, and Stainless Steel.

Please note that customers will get Space Gray and Silver Aluminium in early June; all other variants will be available in early August.

Price: $60.00–$100.00

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