Blaze Video Magic: iPhone/iPad Video Converter with a Lot of Extras

Video conversion is a huge problem right when it comes to playing videos on the iPad. As long as your videos are on the iPad – obtained through iTunes or in the proper format – you don’t have any problem. But the moment you want to get some of your DVDs onto the iPad or when you download videos via third-party browser plugins or addons and you want to get them up on your iPhone, things become complicated and don’t work.

The simple reason is that the iPhone/iPad supports a limited set of formats, most notably the .mp4. The other formats are usually .m4v and .mov. Put a .flv file into the iPhone/iPad and you’ll draw nothing. But interestingly, .flv is one of the most popular formats that people have their videos in.

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In order to convert these files to iPhone/iPad-compatible format, you’ll need a video converter.

Amongst the several iPad video converters, Blaze Video Magic is one software that comes across as a decent, feature-rich video converter.

What it is Basically

The Blaze Video Magic lives up to its name. It’s a powerful video converter tool. Just like how VLC usually plays every video format, Blaze Video Magic is kind of capable of converting any video to the format that you want to choose.

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You can convert videos straight from DVDs. The videos can be converted to mp4, mov and also other formats like WMV, ASF and 3GP.

Video Downloader

Like I said before, Blaze Video Magic isn’t just a conversion tool. It comes with many other features – so much so that calling it feature-packed would be an understatement. So we’ve got this video downloader which works similar to all these browser add-ons to help you download videos directly from the websites.

This is actually quite helpful because most frequently, it is the downloaded videos that you want to convert and see on the iPhone/iPad.

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Video Editor

What struck me as really crazy is the video editor. It packs a punch: what with features like clipping, cropping, watermarking, other special effects and even subtitles. It’s not a full-fledged tool to create professional videos out of nothing but if you’ve recorded a video already, you can definitely enhance the video via Blaze Video Magic.

Picture Slideshows

Besides the usual video fare, you can also create customized picture slideshows on Blaze Video Converter. Not a big deal but with tons of effects, transitions and conversion to video, the software really comes up as a powerful one.

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All said and done, Blaze Video Magic isn’t exactly a cheap software. At its peak, the “ultimate” version costs $49.95 and there’s the standard version for $29.95. (there’s also a 30% discount till June 28, 2013).

You can buy Blaze Video Magic here.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

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