Bitdrop iPhone App Review: Transfer Files Securely & Anonymously

At a time when encryption, security and anonymity on the internet are getting tampered with, finding new ways to keep your information secure is becoming top-priority for a lot of users. File transfers are fundamentally insecure because you are using a lot of services to send a file: possibly email clients with IP addresses tracked.

A new iPhone app, Bitdrop, aims to spin this around and make file transfers/sharing completely anonymous and secure.

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With features like on-device encryption, app access passwords, the notorious “Nuke” Access code, and anonymity at the core of the app, Bitdrop looks like a simplified version of a high-security app. Top it up with things like auto-delete (of files) and you’re getting close to a powerful app that will let you send files anonymously.

Bitdrop iPhone App Review: Transfer Files Securely & Anonymously

Using Bitdrop is enormously easy. The coolest thing about the app is that only the sender needs the app. The receiver doesn’t need anything but a browser.

Transfer Files Securely & Anonymously with Bitdrop iPhone App

Once you’ve installed Bitdrop, the first step is to authenticate your iPhone – you do this through a QR code on the website. After this step, you can upload files (<25 MB)  via your iPhone. Once uploaded, you can use the default share options to send the files to anyone from your contacts (or email addresses). The interesting bit is that the file gets sent anonymously and can be password protected for additional security.

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Once the recipient downloads the file (or 24 hours pass since the delivery), the file gets deleted automatically. Apparently, this leaves no digital paper trail or memory.

A couple of things caught our attention:

  • Bitdrop supports all types of files. As long as files are under 25 MB. You can upload quite a lot of data.
  • There is absolutely no registration required. That’s the thing about anonymity right?
  • The whole transfer process has been simplified well.
  • Anonymous SMS file sharing. Send files globally by anonymous SMS notifications.
  • Folder support to organize large numbers of files within the App.
  • Multiple files can be selected and share simultaneously.

Bitdrop was free for a limited time during the launch period but is now $4.99 on the App Store. You can still grab it if you feel like sending files anonymously and securely. A five-dollar price tag sounds a tad high but the app definitely is worth the price for people who are cautious about online security.

Price: $4.99
Download Bitdrop

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