Bitdefender BOX Review: Out of the Box Cyber Security Solution of Home Network

Bitdefender BOX protects your iPhone, iPad, and Mac connected with a single network at your home. BOX boasts amazing features like natural design, easy set-up, strong security etc.

Connection is a good thing until it brings any infection. You can construe this statement in multiple ways, but we are talking about connection of communication devices. During a day, our entire family is hooked to different digital devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV and others. And for all devices, we use different anti-virus software.

Though it is tough to dent Apple’s eco-system, we should not forget that Apple’s Chinese App Store was once breached by XcodeGhost. Hence, strong security of your devices should be your primary concern. At the same time, you would also appreciate a single box that keeps all your home devices safe without interrupting.

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Bitdefender BOX Review

Bitdefender BOX Review

The BOX from Bitdefender is the smart security solution for your home network. The product works like an antivirus for the entire network with which all devices are connected. If the network is infected by malware or antivirus, all your devices are at great risk. Apart from your communication devices, BOX also protects any smart devices like smart TVs, appliances like smart refrigerators, thermostats or even gaming consoles in the hands of your kids. The BOX protects your devices against the threats coming from USB sticks or portable storage devices.

Set Up BOX

It is quite easy to set up Bitdefender BOX. You can follow three different modes: Automatic, Manual, and Bridge. With some additional steps, it is not much difficult to set up BOX in Manual and Bridge modes. Once you set up BOX, you can easily manage your and your kids’ devices immediately. All devices are protected once they are connected to your home network.

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Bitdefender BOX Security Hub

Connect With the Future of Technology

Bitdefender BOX connects you with the future of technology. This single box secures entire network, and therefore, it doesn’t help any single device but all devices used by you at home. As we say, “Prevention is better than cure”, Bitdefender BOX believes in this very adage and stops virus from entering your devices. This saves all that hassle of cleaning the mess afterwards. BOX is always on, ensuring safety of your home devices. If you bring home any new Wi-fi connected gadget, it is also safe.

BOX Understands Your Needs

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If you are using iPhone or iPad, you would always like to get better performance from the devices. It goes without saying that you never expected iPhones and iPads to be security guards. Bitdefender BOX understands your needs, and it also understands that security of your devices is your priority. Working on this consumer insight, BOX takes all the hassle of protection from your devices so that your devices can perform tasks they are meant to do. Security was never a concern of your Apple TV or thermostat you have installed in your home. Securing your digital devices is BOX’s job!

Natural Design

Bitdefender BOX is made by using little polycarbonate to keep the environment at your home as natural as possible. However, the device boasts robust casing. We know that your kids would like to play with this little box, and therefore, we have added some strength to it. Moreover, the electronics and cables are lead-free; you will receive BOX in a package made with recyclable materials.

Now start exploring BOX and control everything with one app. Use your iPhone to control BOX. Enjoy the Internet at home while staying worry-free about cyber security.

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Price: $99
Buy Bitdefender BOX

Also make sure to download the app.

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