When Ryan comes out with a tweak, it’s usually well-thought, meticulous and has all the hallmark of a wonderful feature. BioLockDown for iPhone 5s from Ryan Petrich (Activator, BrowserChooser, FlipControlCenter, FlipSwitch etc.) carries the same intuitiveness and ingenuity that most of his other tweaks have.

BioLockDown “restricts” access to apps, Control Center switches and parts of the Settings app. You can access these by authenticating your fingerprint using the TouchID feature on iPhone 5s. While BioLockDown is not the first tweak to do this, it’s most certainly the cheapest and the best TouchID-based security tweak so far.

BioLockDown TouchID Cydia Tweak for iPhone Security

At first glance, BioLockDown appears to do as much as BioProtect, the tweak we wrote about a couple of days back. The latter (developed by Limneos) protects apps from being accessed without security authentication. BioLockDown does the same thing but it adds a couple more options: you can lock down the switches/toggles in the Control Center and parts of the Settings app!

BioLockDown is as simple as it can get. It’s easy to setup and configure because actually, there is no setup involved. Once installed, you can enable it from Settings → BioLockDown → turning on the Enable switch. Under Restrictions, you can add a new restriction.

BioLockDown Cydia Tweak

Restrictions are of three types: Switches, Apps and Settings panes.

Switches mean Control Center toggles. These are not just the stock iOS 7 toggles but the ones that get added when you use a tweak like FlipControlCenter. You can restrict these from being accessed or toggled unless a fingerprint authentication is given.

BioLockDown iOS 7 Cydia Tweak for iPhone 5s

Apps are of course all the apps that you have installed.

Settings panes are the options under the Settings tab. Enabling these will prevent them from being opened or altered without the TouchID authentication.

You can lock down BioLockDown too using itself. Reminds one of Digital Fortress. But of course, that’s all too common these days. The tweak works on iPhone 5s only.

BioLockDown is available on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.