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BFF Quiz iPhone App by Empatika is an ingenious app that quizzes you about your Facebook friends and then figures out if you've got a BFF somewhere in that friend list! It's a smart way to actually find out people who have similar likings although I'm not too sure if BFFs are made that way.

But it's worth giving a try.

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Based on the Open Graph API of Facebook, BFF Quiz makes use of your Facebook friend's data to quiz you. Even if you don't end up finding your BFF from within the list, you'll have a great time knowing about your friends's likes, interests, etc.

Basically, there are two approaches: one is where you get quizzed on a particular friend of yours and the other is where you get to answer general questions like ‘Who read Some Book?‘ with a list of friends as answer options. You've got to pick the right one.

BFF Quiz iPhone App Review

Although not an ideal starting point for finding your ‘best friend forever', BFF Quiz definitely has some amazing potential to open up new relations. After all, getting to know about people is the effective ice-breaker to form better friendships. In that regard, BFF Quiz does an amazing job while being interactive, interesting and beautiful.

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BFF Quiz iPhone App

The app's design is something we'd like to talk about. Amongst a lot of apps with poor to mediocre design, BFF Quiz has gone a beautiful interface that combines some really timeless design concepts. Using the app is a delightful experience and the developers have crafted the app with some nifty attention to detail.

All said and done, it's not an app that's like the usual Quiz apps you find online. It's smart, interesting and throws up useful questions that will lead to a better understanding. So overall, if you're spending time with the app, you're really learning something nifty.

The app is intensely social in it that it collates data from your profile securely. You can also share the results of the quizzes you take. What the app doesn't do is bore you. This is so true if you've got even a few dozen friends on your list. Questions quickly hit thousands so you're not going to go bored of this app anytime soon.

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Download BFF Quiz

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