There aren’t very many Wi-fi related tweaks on Cydia right now. At first glance, it might seem normal: after all, what extra features would the Wi-fi settings page on iPhone need? It looks and works fine (except for a few things of course).

But here’s a tweak that changes it all. BetterWifi7 by Simon Selg is a fantastic Cydia tweak that adds some really cool features to the Wi-fi settings. The features read like a list of “oh these should have been put there by default” ones.

BetterWifi7 Cydia Tweak

BetterWifi7 adds a slue of features to Settings → Wifi. They are not just visual. They’re totally functional too. Here’s a sampling of the features that caught our attention:

#1. Pull to refresh: How many times have you had to toggle the Wifi switch just to refresh the list? (your iPhone actually automatically refreshes the list frequently but more control is always nice). BetterWifi7 adds a pull to refresh feature which works just like how Mail/Stocks app do. Pull down to refresh the Wifi list.

Wifi Enhancement Cydia Tweak

#2. Open Networks Only: BetterWifi7 puts this toggle under Wifi settings which filters the Wifi networks around you. It shows you only the open networks so that you can pick on easily.

BetterWifi7 Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

#3. Remove RSSI Limit: Apple sets a threshold limit (of signal strength) beneath which it won’t try to detect or connect to a Wifi signal. This switch makes sure this is bypassed. Your iPhone will search for low-strength signals too and try to connect. May cause battery issues though.

Besides these, there are few additional visual cues.

For instance, BetterWifi7 will show (under the Wifi name), the signal strength and the security mode (WPA, WEP etc.) of the Wifi networks. This is not extremely useful (the signal strength feature is) unless you’re some kind of a techie there.

Also, if you’ve connected to a network before, BetterWifi7 will keep track of all that info and remember the passwords. It also lets you copy passwords.

And there’s also a CleverPin-like auto-passcode-lock-disable feature which disables passcodes when you’re connected to a known Wifi network. (however, BetterWifi7 uses a different key to authenticate).

It’s a paid tweak but it’s well worth the $1.50 you’ll spend. The tweak is up on BigBoss repo.

Compatibility: all iOS 7.x devices.

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