There are countless schools that preach physical fitness but none has attained such universal adoption as yoga. Hundreds of thousands of yoga classes run across the globe with several million people practicing it regularly.

Best iPhone & iPad Yoga AppsAs is the case with gadgets, your iPhone/iPad can be a helpful yoga coach or a great resource to carry your yoga practice further. A cursory look at the App Store tells me there are thousands of yoga apps out there.

We decided to pick a few of these amazing yoga apps for the iPhone/iPad for our list of seven best yoga apps. Take a look.

(Note: This post forms a part of our fitness through iPhone/iPad series. You might want to take a look at our collection of fitness accessories, fitness apps for cycling, swimming, meditation and more)

Best Yoga Apps for iPhone and iPad:

#1. Simply Yoga Free

Simply Yoga iPhone and iPad App IconIf you want to learn and practice yoga in a simple way, Simple Yoga Free is the app to install on your iOS device. It has more than 30+ poses and the app teaches you how to get into each position to make the most out of it. It’s a level one yoga and the app has video demonstrations to teach you effectively. Simple Yoga Free app integrates with Health app so that you can track your calories burnt.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Download Simply Yoga

#2. Yoga 8

Yoga 8 iPhone and iPad App IconPracticing yoga is always good for health but if you don’t know how to do it, just download Yoga 8 app and leave the rest on the app. It has step-by-step guides along with descriptions of each pose so that you can do yoga with ease. There are workouts with voice directions and poses which makes it simpler for you to learn yoga. Count your calories meanwhile because the app can integrate with your respective health app.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Download Yoga 8

#3. FitStar Yoga

FitStar Yoga iPhone and iPad App IconIf you are new to yoga and want to learn new poses, FirStar Yoga app is your way to go! Download HD videos of each pose you would like to learn and do yoga whenever you get free. In the new version the bug of downloading the videos has been fixed, so now get videos of all poses instantly on your iOS device. You can also listen to some music tracks while doing yoga that maintains a good flow. The app can also connect to AppleTV and display the poses on the bigger screen so that you never miss a single move. This app is recognized as personal yoga trainer.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Download FitStar Yoga

#4. Sworkit Lite

Sworkit Lite iPhone and iPad App IconSworkit Lite is a different yoga app with lots of features in it. It’s not just a yoga app, overall we can say it’s a personal trainer in itself. Get video demonstrations from the professional yoga trainers from around the world. If you are bored with the 160 exercises displayed in the app, you can create your own custom one. Isn’t that really great? You can target any area of your body and choose the exercise accordingly.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Download Sworkit Lite

#5. Gain Yoga

GAIN Yoga iPhone and iPad App IconOne thing that Gain Yoga has is the HD images with poses which gives you a clear idea about each and every move in each exercise. Integrate the health app and send your body’s calories burnt to all your personal devices directly. Right from the basics (warming exercise) to the core yoga poses, you will find everything in Gain Yoga app. You can also get customization to your workouts automatically from the app which is simply amazing!

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Download Gain Yoga

#6. Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners iPhone and iPad App IconYoga is the best way to increase your concentration levels. If you are new to yoga, then you wil experience it pretty soon. Yoga for Beginners app displays variety of Asanas with video demonstrations. This will give you a clear idea about each Asana so that you can work out in a perfect way. You can stream the videos within the app or you can download them to watch them later.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Download Yoga for Beginners

#7. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio iPhone App LogoYoga Studio wants to be your yoga teacher and does so good a job that it hit the stands under New & Noteworthy, What's Hot pages of App Store recommendations. Yoga Studio has an arsenal of HD videos for yoga classes detailed through about 300 poses with instructions. The whole thing is great if you want to completely customize the lessons, the times and more.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Price: $3.99
Download Yoga Studio

#8. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga iPhone and iPad App IconThis is the complete package actually. If you signed up for Daily Yoga, Inc. (a $9.99 in-app purchase is available), you are obviously going to use this app to get the best out of your subscription. Daily Yoga app contains almost everything that a beginner needs but it also puts up a challenging regimen for advanced learners. Set the time, get detailed instructions (including voice-instructions) for over 200 poses, define the intensity of the lessons and more.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Price: Free
Download Daily Yoga

#9. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga iPhone App LogoPocket Yoga is an ultra-popular app that's one of the must-haves if you're looking to be consistent with your yoga practice. Not only is the app rich in details but it's also more of a tracker. You can pick from a total of 27 different sessions (out of a combination of 3 levels, 3 practices and 3 durations). The app also features music playback not just from the app but also picked from your playlists.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Price: $2.99
Download Pocket Yoga

#10. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra for iPad

Authentic Yoga iPad App IconAnything that's tagged with Deepak Chopra's name is bound to draw attention – at least from people who've heard his name or people who know who he is. This one, the Authentic Yoga app, is well worth your time and money if you want to make yoga a permanent part of your life. With wonderful content, in-depth explanations and pictures that accompany the descriptions, this app is a handful for anyone who's interested in fitness through yoga.

Compatibility: iPad only
Price: $1.99
Download Authentic Yoga

#11. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga iPhone and iPad App IconIf you're like me and want quick fixes, the 5 Minute Yoga app comes with quite a bunch of asanas and sessions that take no more than 5 minutes. Depending on the level, you can setup several 5 minute sessions and get rolling.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Price: $0.99
Download 5 Minute Yoga

#12. Yoga (Pixel Druids)

Yoga by Pixel Druids iPad App LogoYoga is an app that isn't necessarily full-fledged. With a handful of high-def videos that detail a few asanas, this can be useful if you are making entries into yoga.

Compatibility: iPad Only
Price: $1.99
Download Yoga

#13. YogaCoach

YogaCoach iPhone App LogoYogaCoach wants to be your personal yoga instructor. It's a simple app with almost all the features that most other leading yoga apps have. There's a lot of detail and a voice-guided (coach) instruction set. Most helpful for beginners, but it works great for others as well.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Price: $1.99
Download YogaCoach

#14. Yogatailor

Yogatailor iPhone and iPad App IconYogatailor is a complete package to help you achieve a healthy life. It contains classes for beginners, expert yogis and intermediate. It has special routines for pregnancy and back pain. All the programs are thoroughly based on users’ preference as well as adapt-based progress.

Yogatailor provides real videos with voice over instructions which can be truly useful in guiding you towards having a peaceful lifestyle.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad
Download Yogatailor

#15. Universal Breathing

Universal Breathing iPhone App IconUniversal Breathing specialises in providing you the best knowledge as to how you can breathe naturally. It contains plenty of useful trainings that will help you breathe with your lungs in a healthier way. Just 15 minutes of breathing each day can reduce stress and all other stress-related issues.

Through this app, you will come to know how natural breathing can help you sleep faster, have higher athletic endurance and manage Asthama and COPD, decreased blood pressure.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad
Download Universal Breathing

#16. iYoga+

iYoga+ iPhone App IconiYoga+ contains plenty of very useful lesions regarding how you can reduce your weight naturally with self-practice. It will enable you to rebuild your strength, correct your posture and more importantly, restore your balance.

You can download a number of videos with positions and lessons in many different file formats. With 58 positions, 2 difficult levels, 8 x 30 minutes sessions and more, iYoga+ will enable you to have a perfect shape much to the envy of your friends.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Download iYoga+

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  • Iryna Yahubova

    Another helpful yoga app for teachers and those who wants to practice at home – Asanyzer. It is free, check it out:

  • Amy Loy

    Best Pregnancy Yoga app on iOS
    Checkout this link
    Has yoga for all 3 trimester, yoga for discomfort, relaxation and has a very pleasing interface. Also I could create my own yoga routine
    Cannot ask for more

    I love this app very much…

  • Dr.John

    All in Yoga app is great yoga app, it include 289 poses and 37 predefine programs. Recommended ^^

  • john norton

    15 minute yoga workout amazing app

  • naveed mumtaz

    yoga amazing app

    “15 Minute Yoga Workout” available on iTunes