Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone X, 8 Plus [2021 Edition]

Do give a look at our best wireless chargers for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus under $30 before buying one for your smartphone.
Best Wireless Chargers Under 30 Dollars for iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

We have already created a post for the best iPhone X wireless chargers and the best AirPower alternatives. But we thought it would be better to go one more round and list the best wireless chargers for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus which are priced under $30.

  1. Yootech
  2. Anker
  3. Novete
  4. iClever
  5. Fresh Air
  6. Yootech
  7. BrexLink
  8. ivolks
  9. Chuanghuike
  10. Belkin

#1. Yootech

Yootech iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 Wilress Charger

Yootech does a fine job of charging your iPhone efficiently. The wireless charger features a soft pad to ensure your smartphone doesn’t slip away. Besides, the smooth texture of the pad also prevents scratch.

Using an adapter, you can power up your iPhone in fast charging mode. Non-disruptive LEDs allow you to monitor the charging status of your device. It’s well-built and available in four colors. Additionally, Yootech comes with an 18-month warranty.

USP: Solid build quality
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#2. Anker

Anker Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

This wireless charger from Anker boasts exceptionally efficient components and an advanced chipset, which charges iOS devices 10% faster than other 5W wireless chargers. Whether you are using a transparent or extra-tough case for your iPhone, you can charge your device with case wrapped on.

Anker believes in providing ultimate safety to your devices, and therefore, the company protects your iPhones from overvoltage, temperature fluctuation, and other threats. Lastly, it is available in two colors – Black, and blue.

USP: 10% faster charge
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#3. Novete

NOVETE iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Wireless Charger

If you enjoy watching videos hands-free, you would like to buy Alice Dreams. The wireless charging stand holds your device securely; allowing you to view media or interact with your device without any issue. The built-in chip enables it to protect your smartphone from short-circuiting and overcurrent.

When your device is fully juiced up, it turns off by itself to prevent overcharging. It’s capable of charging your device 1.4 times faster than a standard charger. Beyond fast charging, Alice Dreams come in two colors like black and white. That’s not all; you also get the 18-month warranty on it.

USP: Fan on back to keep charger cool
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#4. iClever

iClever Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8 Plus, and iPhone 8

The wireless charger from iClever provides fast charging of your iPhone X with a 7.5W output. As part of safety, the charger has over-temperature protection along with, over-voltage, and short-circuit prevention mechanism. The soft silicone on the charger is anti-slippery, and it also supports most of the cases having a thickness not more than 6mm. The only condition is that the case shouldn’t be metallic.

The green LED light is sleep-friendly and doesn’t poke your eyes in the dark. There are two color options available: Black and White. Lastly, it is reasonably priced.

USP: Supports non-metallic case while charging
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#5. Fresh Air

Fresh Air Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

This wireless charger is slim, elegant, and will look beautiful on the desk. It has a max output of 10W and it will charge your iPhone 8 much faster. The anodized aluminum body absorbs most of the heat keeping your device safe and secure. It also has other safety mechanisms like protection from overcurrent, over-charging, short-circuits, and input current protections.

If you have a case on your iPhone, charging speeds depends on the thickness of your case. Thicker the case, slower the charging. Lastly, you also get two color options: Black, and White.

USP: Elegant design
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#6. Yootech

Yootech Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

Yootech presents wireless charger equipped with multifunctional intelligent protect technology, which protects your device from multiple threats. With 0.47-inch thickness, the smart temperature control system keeps your device cool and supplies efficient charging.

Before you charge your device, make sure there is no iron, metal, coins, ID cards, bank cards magnetic absorbers or any other metal objects are attached to your device.

USP: Sleep-friendly charger
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BrexLink iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus Wireless Charger

The Brexlink wireless charger has a max output of 10W, and it is Qi certified. It supports most of the non-metallic cases with a thickness not more than 8mm. With smart technology like temperature sensor, and dynamic charging management chips, you have complete peace of mind. As long as safety is concerned, the charger has protection features like over-charge, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit.

The rubber pad is anti-slippery, and it is also gentle on your iPhone X. Lastly, there are no color options or variations available.

USP: Best-in-class safety features
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#8. ivolks

ivolks Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

Ivolks wireless charger may be the slimmest on the list with a thickness of just 8mm. It is perfect if looks are your priority. That said, you don’t need to compromise on the safety of your device with beautiful looks. The charger comes with protection from over-charge, over-heating, and short-circuit.

The aluminum body absorbs most of the heat keeping your device cooler and limiting the damage. The charger is available in default black color that can match with any surface.

USP: Slim in size
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#9. Chuanghuike

Chuanghuike Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

If the Apple logo is your love, then the design of this wireless charger will surely win your heart. It’s not just a beautiful charger; it is also Qi certified by Wireless Power Consortium. Apart from beautiful looks, it is also slim with a thickness of only 8.4mm. If we talk about the features, the wireless charger has everything that you need.

It supports fast charging, protection against over-charging, over-heating, and over-current; making it completely safe for your device. There is no color option available except default white, and it looks great.

USP: Beautiful design and slim in size
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#10. Belkin

Belkin Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8 Plus and iPhone 8

Belkin is a leading company dealing in iPhone accessories. This wireless charger with adapter is Qi-certified product that gives you a safer and more reliable wireless charging experience. Along with this charger, you will get a micro USB to USB-A cable.

You can fast charge your iPhone without sacrificing charging speeds as this wireless charger comes with 5 watts/1AMP output. Keep your eyes on that green LED that shows the correct alignment of your phone on the base and charging.

USP: Travel-friendly product
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That’s all!

Which one is worth your dollar?

So, which one of these wireless chargers is well timed for your money? Is it the one that sports a lightweight design or the one that has the 2-coil design? It’d be great to know your pick.

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